Opening Workshop for all Students:

Music & Beat Making with Technology
Interactive Demonstration: Become a "one man band" with creativity and technical know-how! An interactive session about laying down tracks.

  1. Branding, Marketing & Publicity
    Interactive Panel: Grow your fan base! Grow viral! Some favourite marketing tactics and campaigns will be shared by this panel.
  2. Entrepreneurship
    Workshop: Today, entrepreneurship is vital to succeeding the music business. Find out what skills are recommended to get ahead.
  3. Music & Mental Health
    Workshop & Discussion: What's the connection? Managing the stage fright, rejection, staying motivated and more.
  4. Music Media
    Workshop: Podcasts, blogs...learn about new music journalism!
  5. Musical Theatre
    Workshop: A workshop to explore the genre that encompasses songs, spoken dialogue, and acting.
  6. Scoring for Film/TV
    Interactive Panel: Is creating musical themes or storytelling in sound your thing? Learn about key aspects of composing for film and/or TV.
  7. Successful Songwriting
    Workshop: Bring your own lyrics in search of a melody or your tune without and take a bold step forward in writing songs.

Lunch Time Performance:
DIY DJ'ing DJ Donna Lovejoy:

An interactive demonstration of the basics of making 21st century sounds with Serato DJ software.

Closing workshop for all students:

  • Keeping it Real
    Presentation: A presentation of true music career stories... with surprising ups and downs!

Closing workshops for all students that are on campus until 3pm

  • Conducting
    Interactive Demonstration: Choral VS Orchestral: What's the difference?