Bachelor of Business Administration (Trades Management) (Honours) (Pathway Motive Power Technician) - 623

Four years or more
Grow your career in trades management by completing an honours degree program.

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Build on the knowledge and skills you’ve gained through apprenticeship, journeyperson training, or a trades-related diploma program.

  • Acquire business skills to advance in your career
  • Learn while you work with a fully self-paced online program delivery
  • Gain practical, hands-on experience with work-integrated learning


This pathway is for graduates of the Motive Power Technician Ontario College Diploma program. Graduates of this program receive credit for 10 courses in the degree and enter into the program in semester 4.

This program is well-suited for students who:

  • Enjoy taking leadership roles
  • Adapt well to change
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Are interested in integrating their current skillset with business management
  • Are confident in an online learning environment

Program overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Trades Management) (Honours) is a degree-completion program where the knowledge and skills gained through apprenticeship/journeyperson training, or trade-related diploma programs, provide the basis for advanced standing into the program.

The program focuses on the business administration, managerial, accounting, project management, leadership, communication, application of data to make decisions and applied research competencies needed by people working in or with the skilled trades to grow their own businesses, take on greater responsibilities in their current work environments, and/or pursue management careers in medium to large organizations. 

Program format

The program’s fully self-paced online delivery format is responsive to the current and growing need of students to continue to work while taking a postsecondary program to develop the business management skills that support career advancement. This format is truly student-centred and facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to integrating business knowledge. 

The program is delivered by three colleges located across Ontario: Mohawk, Algonquin and George Brown colleges. Each college has expertise in business management and trades programming, as well as possesses the institutional capacity and support required for fully online program delivery. The colleges are sharing their academic and industry expertise to deliver an innovative program that also aligns with the technological shifts in the sector.

How You'll learn

Depending on their education and experience, students enter into semester 4 of the degree. In some cases, students may be required to take bridging courses before they can enroll.​

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Successful applicants receive credit for 10 courses

Complete up to 5 bridging courses


Complete semesters 4 to 8 in a self-paced online delivery format

Participate in a work-integrated learning experience 


Graduate with a four-year Honours degree

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Graduates from Motive Power Technician Ontario College Advanced Diploma with Grade Point Averages of 2.7 and two years of related work experience are eligible to enter into Year 2, Level 4 of the degree program.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fee information coming soon. 

Course Overview & Descriptions

Click on the course title for a course description.

Experiential Learning

Students participate in a mandatory work-integrated learning experience which may or may not be in one continuous block but will total a minimum of 420 hours. You will gain business experience in a real environment, often in a trades-related organization to progressively enhance your professional development.

If you are currently working in the trades-related industry with a relevant scope of responsibilities (aligned to the learning of the program) you may have the opportunity to use your current work experience towards your 420 required hours.

Career Opportunities

Graduates possess a unique blend of practical knowledge and abilities supported by firm underpinnings of the methodologies and theories relating to the trades-business sectors. Graduates seeking employment in today’s rapidly changing global environment are well-positioned to start their own business, to manage a small to medium-sized trades-related business, or use their newly developed skills and knowledge to improve an existing business. Employment opportunities may also exist in both the private and public sectors where strong leadership, management and entrepreneurship skills and the ability to adapt to change are highly desired. 

Graduates of this program may elect self-employment as a small business owner or find leadership roles in the trades-related fields as business managers, project managers, quality control managers, maintenance and trades managers as well as service-related managers.

Educational Pathways

For those graduates who want to pursue further academic credentials, the program will facilitate a pathway into graduate studies in both business administration and management programs.

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