Formal College Report

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“Formal College Report” is an allegation of a violation of this policy made by a survivor to Security Services in order to initiate an investigation. This type of report may not be made anonymously, and the College is obligated to inform respondents of allegations made against them. Making a Formal College Report does not prevent the survivor from also reporting the incident to police.

5.3 Response to a Formal College Report
The College follows the procedure outlined below when investigating and making decisions about Formal College Reports of sexualized violence.

Survivors making a Formal College Report can expect:

  • To have their identity and confidentiality protected to the extent possible.
  • To be informed of and provided with access to supports and services.
  • A consistent, respectful and supportive approach as detailed in section 6.4 of the Policy.
  • A fair and transparent process as detailed in section 5.4 below.
  • The right to choose to withdraw a Formal College Report at any time; however, in circumstances where there is an identified risk, the College may choose to proceed with an investigation.