Get support

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Why get support?

Sexual violence affects everyone differently. Whether you're a survivor with your own direct experiences, a witness who has observed an incident, or a person who has received a disclosure; there are a number of free and accessible services available to support you. 

Choosing whether or not to share about your experience is entirely your decision, and the College recognizes that it is often difficult to talk about these incidents.

You do not need to disclose or report sexual violence in order to access supports and services. 

Some things to know

  • We're here to support you
  • It's not your fault
  • There is no 'right' way to feel
  • You're not alone
  • You decide what happens next

What supports are available?

Support services at Mohawk College can provide information about your options, and help you decide how you want to move forward. This could include:

  • Arranging for academic supports and considerations
  • Providing trauma-informed, student-centered professional counselling
  • Conducting risk assessment and safety planning
  • Navigating justice resources and reporting options
  • Accessing medical and mental health services

Benefits of connecting to supports 

It can be helpful to be reminded that you're not alone:

Accessing support can put you in touch with a community of survivors and helpers who appreciate what you're going through and want to help.