Residence - Winter & Summer Semester Rates

Rates apply to full-time students enrolled at Mohawk College. Residence fees include utilities, television in-suite, access to the Internet and a furnished suite.

Students can apply for Residence before they are accepted into their program.

Your Residence application is separate from your College application.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mohawk College Residence does not defer payments to wait for students to receive OSAP. You will not be able to use your OSAP to pay for residence fees if you cannot meet the outlined deadlines. You must make the necessary arrangements to submit your Residence fees prior to the due dates below.



(May 1, 2023 - August 19, 2023)


(May 1, 2023 - August 19, 2023)


(January 6, 2024 - April 20, 2024)


$3,000.00 due April 15, 2023


$4,415.50 - due December 1, 2023

No meal plan for summer term. 

No meal plan for summer term. 

Min. $1,250 meal plan required


**If your summer program ends before August 19th, and you will not require accommodations for the whole summer, please email info [at] to inquire about the possibility of a customized payment option.**


Please follow payment methods carefully. Your Mohawk College tuition account is separate from your Residence Account. Residence fees are only accepted at the Residence. Please do not pay your Residence fees at the College.

The payment methods are as follows:

  • Online Debit - through My Housing Portal. This method is supported by Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto Dominion, Royal Bank of Canada, or Bank of Montreal. New Debit cards or Visa Debit cards may not work from the above-mentioned banks. If your card number cannot be fully entered, you will need to choose another payment method.

    Note: Personal daily banking limits apply.

  • Payee at Bank - ensure to list the payee as "Mohawk College Residence" or “Mohawk College Residence Fees" (depending on your bank). Use the invoice number found in the top middle of your invoice as the account number that is requested when setting us up as a payee. If you do not have an invoice, you may find this number by logging into the Residence My Housing Portal; it is your six or seven digit "Account Number" found on your "Profile Summary" page. Please note that this method of payment usually takes roughly 5-10 business days to be processed. If your banking institution does not have "Mohawk College Residence" listed as a payee, please choose another method of payment.

  • By Courier - Certified Cheque, Money order, Bank Draft. Please make payments out to "CLC Mohawk".
  • Wire transfers may be made available to international students upon request.


Cancellations occur prior to move-in. If you wish to cancel your residence application or the Student Residence Agreement, you must cancel through My Housing Portal prior to move-in.

Withdrawals occur after move-in. If you wish to withdraw from residence, please contact the front desk for a Residence Withdrawal Form. You must return it to the front desk within 5 business days of the anticipated departure date.

Cancellations will not be accepted over the phone.

The following information is directly quoted from Section 8 of the Student Residence Agreement. The cancellation policy refers to residence fees and the deposit, which are detailed in Section 2 of the Student Residence Agreement. Section 8.06 explains the differences in the policy for students applying for specific terms: Summer Semester, Academic Year, and the Winter Semester.

  1. If you cancel your application or enrollment at the College, you will also need to cancel your residence application.
  2. Once you have agreed and acknowledged the Student Residence Agreement & RCLS, you are bound by the termination and cancellation policy detailed within it.
  3. If for any reason, the Manager issues a refund to the Resident, the refunded amount may be subject to a cancellation fee.

2.01 Payment of Fees. All amounts payable by the Resident under this Agreement are payable to “CLC Mohawk” and payment must be delivered to the Manager. All amounts payable under this Agreement may be paid by cash, certified cheque, bank draft, money order, or other payment options as designated by the Manager. Personal cheques will not be accepted. Academic results may be withheld and/or other academic sanctions are possible for failure to maintain an up to date financial account with the Residence.

2.02 Application Fee. Prior to the Residence being accepted to The Residence, a non-refundable Application Fee of $100 must be made. This Application Fee applies to each application and is not refundable in the event of cancellation or withdrawal of the Resident's application. The amount of the Application Fee is detailed in Table 4

2.03 Residence Fees. The Resident must pay the “Residence Fees” in accordance with the Rates and Payment Schedules detailed in Table 4 for the right to occupy a Room during the Term. Tables 2, 3 and 4 also detail additional Fees that the Resident is subject to, including the mandatory Residence Life Activity Fee and the cost of Extended Terms. If a hard copy of this agreement is required by the Manager, the Resident is required to select one of the payment schedule options, by initialing their desired option.


Summer Semester 2023 - Payment Schedule

(a) $3,000.00 due on or before April 15, 2023 at 5:00pm

(b) Payment plan available upon request

Winter Semester 2024 - Payment Schedule
(a) $5,665.50 due on or before December 1, 2023 at 5:00pm. If accepted after December 1, 2023, the full payment is due immediately. (Fee breakdown: $4,415.50 Residence Fees + $1,250.00 Mandatory Meal Plan).
Customized Payment Plan - Payment Schedule

(a) Students are expected to read the payment schedules above prior to applying to Residence.

(b) In special circumstances a customized payment plan may be arranged by the info [at] (subject: Customized%20Payment%20Plan) (Residence Life Coordinator) or General Manager of the Residence.

Please call 905-385-3200 to make customized payment schedule arrangements.

8.01 Termination by the Manager. This agreement may be terminated by the Manager if: (a) the Resident fails to check into their assigned Room within five (5) days of the first day of the Semester; (b) the Resident abandons their Room as detailed in section 8.03 of this Agreement; (c) the Resident decides not to accept the Room they were assigned, or any alternate rooms offered to them during the course of this Agreement; or (d) the Resident violates any of the terms of this Agreement, including violations of the Residence Community Living Standards or Institution Standards. Written Notice of Termination of Residency will be delivered to the Resident, and if necessary, the Manager may notify the Primary or Secondary Contact by phone or e-mail of the termination of the Resident’s residency. If the Resident is unavailable to receive service of the notice in person, then delivery of the notice to the Resident’s Room shall be deemed proper service and delivery. The Resident will be allowed 24 hours from the date and time of delivery of the Notice of Termination of Residency to fully vacate and remove all personal belongings from the Residence.

8.02 Termination or Cancellation by the Resident. Cancellations occur prior to the Resident occupying the Room. If the Resident wishes to cancel this Agreement or their residence application, the Resident must notify the Manager in writing via the online residence cancellation process prior to occupying the Room. Withdrawals occur after the Resident has occupied the Room. If the Resident wishes to withdraw from Residence, the Resident must complete a Residence Withdrawal Form and return it to the Front Desk within 5 business days of the anticipated departure date. Please note that the Residence operates independently from the Institution and if the Resident cancels their application or enrollment at the Institution, they will also need to cancel their Residence application. Refunds will be issued by the Manager as detailed in section 8.06.

8.03 Abandonment. If the Resident vacates the Room for a period greater than 15 days prior to the expiry of the Term without the Manager’s prior agreement, the Room will be deemed abandoned by the Resident. In that event, the Manager may (i) repossess the Room without liability to the Manager, and (ii) enter into an agreement for the occupancy of the Room with a third party.

8.04 Termination Procedures. Upon the termination of the privileges of this Agreement, the Resident shall vacate the Room within the time frame given, and deliver to the Manager vacant possession of the Room together with all of the furnishings, fixtures, appliances and telephone of the Residence, and the furnishings and fixtures shall be in good condition, with reasonable wear and tear excepted. The Resident will follow the Move-out Procedures explained in section 3.02 of this Agreement and all additional directions communicated by the Manager.

8.05 Failure to Vacate. If the Resident does not vacate the Residence on the expiry or early termination of this Agreement, (i) the Resident is liable for any financial loss sustained or incurred by the Institution or the Manager, and (ii) the Manager may remove the property of the Resident from the Room (whether or not the Resident is present at the time), and place the property in temporary storage in a location in the Residence of the Manager’s choice, at the Resident’s expense, without notice to the Resident and without liability to the Manager for any damage to or loss of the Resident’s property.

8.06 Refund Procedures. Upon the termination of this Agreement or a residence application by the Resident, as detailed in section 8.02, the Resident may be entitled to a partial refund of Residence Fees, without interest, within eight (8) weeks of the Resident vacating the Residence or cancelling their residence application. The refund will be in the form of a cheque mailed to the Resident’s permanent address on file. Residence Fees, cancellation fees and refunds will be calculated on a pro-rated daily basis. Deposits are refunded less any outstanding charges and administration fees. Refunds are issued based on the following:

8.06 (b) Winter and Summer Applications/Agreements (Detailed in Table 5)

  1. If the Resident’s written cancellation request is received by the Residence Manager on or before Deadline 1, whether the Resident has been accepted into Residence or not, the Resident will receive a full refund of any Residence Fees paid to date.
  2. If the Resident is on the wait list and a space becomes available, the Resident will be offered a space in Residence and asked to confirm the status of the Resident’s Residence acceptance within 24 hours. After confirmation to the Residence, all regular cancellation policies and payment deadlines apply.
  3. If the Resident has been accepted into Residence and the Residence Manager receives the Resident’s written cancellation request after Deadline 1, but on or before the first day of the Term (Deadline 2), then the Resident will be charged a late cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be equivalent to 45 days of Residence Fees. 
  4. If the Resident has been accepted into Residence and the Residence Manager receives the Resident’s written cancellation request after the first day of the term (Deadline 3) then the Resident will be charged for each day they occupy a Residence room plus a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be equivalent to 60 days of Residence Fees. 



Winter Applications

& Agreements

Date: On or before December 1


Fee: Full refund of Residence fees

Date: After December 1, On or before Move-In Day


Fee: Residence fees refunded less a Cancellation fee equivalent to 30 days of Residence fees.

Date: After Move-In Day

Fee: Charged for each day they occupy a Residence room plus a cancellation fee equivalent to 60 days of Residence fees.

8.07 Payment after Notice of Termination. The Manager’s acceptance of any payment of arrears or of any other payment for the use or occupation of the Room, after delivery of a notice terminating this agreement to the Resident, does not operate as waiver of a notice of termination, nor reinstatement of this Agreement.

8.08 Binding Effect. Each reference in this Agreement to the Manager, the Institution, and the Resident includes their respective heirs, estate trustees, legal representatives, successors and assigns, as applicable.