Off-Campus Housing

Are you new to the Mohawk community? New to Hamilton or Stoney Creek area? Are you moving out of residence? Or looking for a new home in the area? Mohawk College provides students with the resources listed below to support your off-campus accommodation search and experience. 

If you need additional support understanding these off-campus housing resources, please contact [at] (Student Life). Our staff are always happy to help. 

Types of Housing

Community Organizations 

We have partnered with organizations to help you in your search for housing off campus. Please be aware that Mohawk College does not preview rental properties or postings. 

Financial Information

Keep in mind that your actual rent is only part of your monthly budget. You also need to budget for other expenses, such as food, transportation/parking (at your rental and/or the college), utilities, phone, internet, clothing, and entertainment. 

Check out Mo’Money Financial Literacy Resource Centre for tips and tricks on managing your finances. 

Lease FAQs 

Be a Good Neighbour 

Living off campus means that you’re part of the larger Mohawk and Hamilton communities, and with that comes some responsibilities to these communities, as well as to your housemates and neighbours! 

Be a Good Neighbor Tips: 

  • Introduce yourself, be friendly. 
  • Help each other out. If someone is sick, try clearing their snow or cutting their grass. 
  • Know and follow the garbage and recycling schedules 
  • Get to know some key by-laws – snow removal, yard maintenance, noise, etc. 
  • Keep an eye out – be familiar with your house and your neighbourhood, and if something looks suspicious, keep a note of it. 

Keeping Safe Off Campus 

Hamilton is a safe city, but like all cities, you need to take responsibility for your own safety. 

  • Walk with others at nighttime 
  • Keep your doors and windows locked 
  • Keep valuables out of sight 
  • Don’t share your house keys. If you lose them, let your landlord know immediately so the locks can be changed 
  • Ensure your smoke detectors are working properly – don't remove the batteries or cover them 
  • In case of emergency, dial 911 for Police and Paramedics. For non-emergencies, dial 905-546-4925. 
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety Links: 

Health and Wellbeing

The life of a student is complicated and unique. We know that many of our students are living in off-campus housing.  We recognize that this is a large part of the student experience, and we want to offer some tips and considerations on how to stay healthy and well".