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Prospective Students

1. How can I contact the Residence?

Please feel free to connect with Residence staff by calling (905) 385-3200 or e-mailing info [at]

2. Can I visit the Residence for a tour?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person residence tours are not being offered.  We encourage anyone looking for a residence tour to refer to our Virtual Tours page. We encourage you to call 905-385-3200 or email info [at] with any questions about the Residence.

3. Who can apply to Residence?

To live in Mohawk Residence an individual must be a full-time Mohawk College Student. Some exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances – please contact the Residence at 905-385-3200 or info [at] for more details.

4. How does the Residence choose who to accept? Do you guarantee space for first year students?

Mohawk Residence accepts students on a first-come, first-served basis; Applying early is the best way to help yourself get an acceptance.

Mohawk Residence does not offer any guaranteed spaces for any students. All students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. When should I apply to Residence?

Applying for the Academic Year
Typically, Residence applications for the Academic Year (September – April) open February 1st and remain open during the Summer and into the school year; once the Residence is at capacity, students may still apply and they may remain on the waitlist indefinitely, or they may cancel their applications if they find alternative accommodations. Every year many students who are waitlisted have their status change and get a place in residence. There are no guarantees, but the earlier a student applies, the more likely they will be offered a space to live in Residence.

Applying for the Winter Term
Winter Term (January- April) applications open October 15th and usually remain open until February. Students are accepted if there are spaces in the Residence. In most years there are very limited Winter Term spaces, and students are frequently waitlisted. Early applications can help students avoid being waitlisted.

Applying for the Summer Term
Typically, Summer Residence (May - August) applications open March 1st and will remain open until early June. Students who apply for the Summer Term do not usually need to worry about waitlists, but applying early helps ensure acceptance.

6. How many spaces are available in Residence?

Mohawk Residence has the capacity for 340 students.  If there are any changes to our occupancy due to Public Health recommendations, we will update students immediately.

Application and Acceptance Process

1. How do I apply to Residence?

Applying for the Academic Year
You can apply for Residence by filling out the online application form available through My Housing Portal starting February 1st.

  • First you will be required to create a profile.
  • Once you are logged in, you can create an application by selecting “Application” from the blue bar near the top of the page, and then selecting “Mohawk New Resident” and the appropriate term.
  • Then you simply follow the prompts, filling in all details.
  • Once you get to the payment step and complete payment either through the application, or via another payment method (please see available payment methods on the Residence Rates page), you have completed your application and will have to wait for an email indicating your acceptance or waitlist position.
  • Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note: When you apply for Residence you are required to pay a non-refundable $100.00 application fee to complete your application. For details about deposit refund eligibility please see our Termination & Cancellation policy located on the Residence Rates page.


Applying for Winter or Summer Term
You can apply for Residence by filling out the online application form available through My Housing Portal starting October 1st for the Winter Term and March 1st for the Summer Term.

  • First you will be required to create a profile.
  • Once you are logged in, you can create an application by selecting “Application” from the blue bar near the top of the page, and then selecting “Mohawk New Resident” and the appropriate term.
  • Then you simply follow the prompts, filling in all details.
  • Once you get to the payment step and complete payment either through the application, or via another payment method (please see available payment methods on the Residence Rates page), you have completed your application and will have to wait to for an email indicating your acceptance or waitlist position.
  • Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please note: When you apply for Residence you are required to pay a non-refundable $100.00 application fee to complete your application. This fee is not required if you have lived in the residence the term immediately before the one you are applying for.

2. When will I find out if I have been accepted to Residence?

Academic Year Acceptance
Acceptance emails will be sent out on a first-come, first-served basis as rolling acceptances starting March 1st. This means that some students may hear back about their acceptance in March, but as more students apply, more students will receive their acceptances. Typically, students will receive an acceptance email within a month of applying. Alternatively, if the Residence is over subscribed, they will receive a wait list notification within the same time period.

Winter & Summer Term Acceptance
Acceptance emails will be sent out on a first-come, first-served basis dependent upon availability during the Winter and Summer Terms.

3. What is included in the acceptance e-mail?

In the acceptance email you will receive instructions on how to complete the rest of your acceptance details online, through My Housing Portal where you originally applied. The acceptance details will need to be completed online.

Details include: Important information related to health, payment options, emergency contacts, and personality profile questions which will help with roommate selection. You will also be asked to review and accept the Student Residence Agreement which is a legal document that serves as the contract between you and the Residence. Please ensure that you read it carefully and keep a copy for your records. It can also be found on the “Resources” page of the Residence website).

4. When do I have to complete my acceptance information?

You are required to complete your acceptance information by the following dates:

Dead line Date
Academic Year 2022-2023 Acceptance Deadline June 15, 2022
Winter Term 2023 Acceptance Deadline December 1, 2022

Mohawk Residence will continue to accept students to the Residence after the deadlines have passed, as long as spaces are available. In the case that
you receive an offer after the deadlines have passed, you will be given a customized deadline outlined in your acceptance (usually the deadline is about 1 week after you receive the acceptance).

5. What are primary and secondary contacts?

It is strongly recommended that these contacts are the parents or legal guardians of the resident. As the Primary or Secondary Contact, you will serve as an emergency contact and you may also be contacted if any other significant concerns or problems arise with the resident. In the case where the Primary contact is unavailable, the Secondary contact will be contacted. Once the Residence is provided with this contact information, the Manager will notify the Primary and Secondary contacts, via the supplied e-mail, that they have been identified as Primary/Secondary Contacts for the Resident. This e-mail will outline the role and responsibility of the Primary/Secondary Contact and provide the Primary/Secondary Contacts with the opportunity to opt-out of this role.

These contacts, along with the student themselves, are the only people we are allowed to discuss confidential information with. Please see section 5 of the Student Residence Agreement, “Role of the Primary and Secondary Contacts,” for details on what information can be shared with contacts.

Meal Plan

1. Am I required to purchase a Meal Plan?

Academic Year and Winter Acceptance
Yes. Students living in the Mohawk College Residence between September and April are required to purchase a mandatory meal plan.

Summer Acceptance
Since the College restaurants operate under reduced hours between May – August, there is no meal plan available in the Summer. Summer Residence students should know that Mo’s Restaurant is closed during the Summer Term.

For a list of on and off campus food outlets please visit One Card Locations.

2. Can you tell me more about the Meal Plan?

The meal plan eliminates the need to shop for, prepare, and clean up after meals, allowing students to focus their time on studying, making friends, and becoming a part of the Mohawk College community.

As a student living in Residence, your Mohawk ONE Card provides you with flexibility and savings when making meal purchases on and off campus. Mohawk's meal plan is mandatory for all students living in residence and is meant to supplement the funds you spend on meals throughout the year. That is, your meal plan is not meant to cover all your food expenses during the school year. Meal plan funds are loaded onto your ONE card for use - More information regarding your ONE Card.

The Meal Plan is non-refundable and must be used entirely by the last day of the school year in April. Meal plan dollars do not roll over into the next school year.

For general questions about the meal plan, please contact us at 905-385-3200 or info [at]

3. How does the Meal Plan work?

The Meal Plan works through a declining-balance system – it’s like having a debit card that only allows you access to purchasing meals/snacks. Students may choose a suitable meal plan from four different meal plan amounts; more information is available at Meal Plan Dining Plans.

The Meal Plan you choose assigns a large amount of money to “Meal Plan” dollars and a smaller amount to “Meal Flex” dollars. The difference between these options are the locations where you can spend that amount. “Meal Plan” dollars are spent at the campus run, on-campus locations. Mo’s Restaurant located inside the Residence is part of the larger, “Meal Plan” amount. “Meal Flex” dollars are spent at specific off-campus locations, or on-campus locations run by the MSA. For “Meal Flex” locations, and more information about the benefits of the Meal Plan please check out Mohawk’s Meal Plan FAQ.

4. Where can I use my Meal Plan?

For a comprehensive list of dining locations, please go to the Mohawk College Food Services website

5. What if my Meal Plan runs out?

Students may add money to their One Card by going to the One Card Website.

6. Is the Meal Plan refundable?

No. Students must use their entire meal plan prior to the end of the Winter Term in April. However, if you leave Residence and withdraw from Mohawk College during the school year, you will receive a prorated reimbursement of your meal plan, calculated on a daily basis, for the time you were assigned a room in residence. This is coordinated through the One Card office. Meal plans will not be refunded if you are still a registered student living off campus.

7. What if I have dietary concerns?

Any student with special dietary needs due to health restrictions must contact the Residence General Manager to provide more information for review. 

Please contact:

Paul Reifenstein
General Manager, Mohawk College Residence
preifenstein [at] (subject: Mohawk%20Residence%20-%20Meal%20Plan%20Question)

Fees, Refunds, Cancellations and Proof of Payment

1. How much are Residence fees and when do I have to pay?

Residence fees and deadlines change annually. Additionally, students are able to make a number of choices regarding which payment plans they prefer for both their Residence Fees and Meal plan. This means you will receive a customized invoice outlining the options you chose.

To find out more for the Academic Year please, check out our Academic Rates Page

To find out more for the Winter or Summer Terms, please check out our Winter and Summer Term Rates Page.

2. What if I cannot make the payment options as outlined?

If you are unable to meet the payment options as outlined on the Residence Rates page, or on your invoice, you can contact one of the Residence Managers to set up a Payment Plan. You must contact a manager before your first payment is due to be considered for a payment plan. Individualized payment plans are not guaranteed.

3. What if I am applying for OSAP?

Payment Plan Option 2 was created with OSAP in mind. Please find more information about payment options available at Academic Rates Page.

Importantly, Mohawk College Residence does not defer payments to wait for students to receive OSAP. You will not be able to use your OSAP to pay for residence fees if you cannot meet the outlined deadlines for your payment option. During the academic year, most students will receive their first OSAP payment early to mid- September, whereas the first Residence payment is due June 15th. Furthermore, OSAP will not necessarily provide enough money to pay for Residence fees. You must make the necessary arrangements to pay your Residence fees according to the deadlines, even when receiving OSAP.

When encountering difficulties, some Residence students use their OSAP applications to help secure a student line of credit in order to meet their payment deadlines, and then use their OSAP to pay back their line of credit. Students are encouraged to go through all financial processes carefully; OSAP does not guarantee that it will provide enough for you to pay for Residence.

4. What happens if I cancel my application or withdraw from Residence?

Please review the Termination & Cancellation policy located on the Residence Rates page.

Cancellations occur prior to move-in. If you wish to cancel your residence application or the  Student Residence Agreement, you must cancel through My Housing Portal prior to move-in.

Withdrawals occur after move-in. If you wish to withdraw from residence, please contact the front desk for a Residence Withdrawal Form. You must return it to the front desk within 5 business days of the anticipated departure date.

Cancellations will not be accepted over the phone. Please note that the Residence operates independently from the Institution and if you cancel your application or enrolment at the Institution, you will also need to cancel your Residence application. Refunds will be issued by the Manager as detailed in section 8.06 of the Student Residence Agreement.

5. If I cancel my Residence application, will I receive my money back?

The residence has an extensive policy outlining different refund and penalty deadlines. Please refer to the Termination & Cancellation policy located on the Residence Rates page or in section 8.06 of the Student Residence Agreement.

If you require any clarification regarding the Termination & Cancellation policy, please call 905-385-3200 or email info [at] with your questions and we will be happy to help.

6. What happens to my Meal Plan if I cancel?

If you cancel Residence before move-in day, your mandatory residence meal plan will be refunded in full. Once you move into Residence, the Mandatory Residence Meal Plan is non-refundable unless a student withdraws from the College. Meal Plan funds must be used entirely by the last day of the school year in April. Meal plan dollars do not roll over into the next school year. However, if you leave Residence and withdraw from Mohawk College during the school year, you will receive a prorated reimbursement of your meal plan, calculated on a daily basis, for the time you were assigned a room in residence, less an administration fee. Meal plans will not be refunded if you are still a registered student living off campus. For the Residence Meal Plan Cancellation policy see the Meal Plan Terms & Conditions.

7. How do I get proof of payment or a receipt for my Residence fee payments?

The Residence is happy to provide you with an electronic account statement at your request. Please have the account holder (student) contact us at 905-385-3200 or info [at]

If you are a student currently living in the residence, you may also email or call and request a physical copy and we will be happy to provide it for you.

8. How do I get an Income Tax receipt?

The Residence is a "Designated Residence" for property tax and rent purposes, meaning that Residence fees cannot be claimed on income tax returns. The only claim that is allowed is $25.00 for the year (with no receipt necessary), as directed by the Ontario government: 5006-TG, T1 General 2012 - ON-BEN Application for the 2017 Ontario Trillium Benefit and the Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant. For this reason, the Residence does not issue tax receipts for Residence fees

9. How do I pay? What payment methods do you accept?

  1. Please follow payment methods carefully. Your Mohawk College tuition account is separate from your Residence Account. Residence fees are only accepted at the Residence. Please do not pay your Residence fees at the College.

    The payment methods are as follows:
  • Online Debit – Available through the application in My Housing Portal. This method is supported by Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto Dominion, Royal Bank of Canada, or Bank of Montreal. IMPORTANT: New Debit cards or Visa Debit cards may not work even from the above-mentioned banks. If you encounter issues when trying to make payment through My Housing Portal, you will need to choose another payment method. Please note: Personal daily banking limits apply.
  • Payee at Bank - ensure to list the payee as "Mohawk College Residence" or “Mohawk College Residence Fees" (depending on your bank). Use the six-digit invoice number found in the top middle of your invoice as the account number that is requested.

    If you do not have an invoice, you may find this number by logging into the Residence My Housing Portal; it is your six digit “Account Number” found on your “Profile Summary” page.

    Please note that this method of payment usually takes roughly 5-10 business days to be processed. If your banking institution does not have "Mohawk College Residence" listed as a payee, please choose another method of payment.
  • By Courier - Certified Cheque, Money order, Bank Draft. Please make payments out to "CLC Mohawk".
  • Wire transfers may be made available to international students upon request.

10. What do I do if the Housing Portal will not accept my debit card for the $100 application fee?

If you encounter issues trying to pay through your application, it is likely that the card you are trying to use is not supported; this is true even if it is from one of the bank’s that are supposed to accept this payment method. You will need to try a different card, or select a different payment method.

11. How do refunds work?

All refunds that the Residence issues are in the form of a cheque. All refunds are issued to the student’s name (even if someone else made the payment) and sent to the student’s mailing address on file. Please be sure to keep your mailing address with the Residence up-to-date.

Refund cheques typically take 8-10 weeks to arrive and are sent via Canada Post. If Canada Post is experiencing delays, you should expect your cheque to take longer to arrive.

Students must log in and cancel their applications to receive a refund of their security deposit or Residence fees; Please refer to the Termination & Cancellation policy located on the Residence Rates page for cancellation fees and deadlines.

Living and Moving Arrangements

1. I have a medical concern and require special consideration in the room assignment process. What should I do?

Please provide your details on the Medical, Accessibility, and Special Consideration section when completing your acceptance information to provide us with more information about how we can support your success in Residence. Students requiring special accommodations on campus are
encouraged to also contact the Accessible Learning Services office on campus. More information can be found on the Accessible Learning Services website.

2. How is my roommate selected?

Everyone who is accepted into Residence must fill in "Profile Questions" which are available when completing the acceptance process online. We recommend that you fill out the personality profile by yourself and answer each question truthfully. This way you end up with the best results possible.

At a later point in the summer, students are given the opportunity to browse roommates online, send messages to potential roommates, and accept roommates. If a student does not want to select their own roommate, the Residence will select a roommate for them based on the answers to the "Profile Questions". You may request to live with your friends while in Residence; as long as you have both been accepted and you both request to live with each other you will be matched. Please note that there are no co-ed suites available.

3. Are family or co-ed rooms available?

The Residence does not offer any family or co-ed accommodations.

4. When do I find out who my roommate is?

Academic Year
Around the beginning of August we will email out a confirmation of roommate notice which will include the name and contact information of your roommate. If you have not already done so, you can contact your roommate and get to know them better.

Winter or Summer Terms
Prior to moving in we will email out a confirmation of roommate notice which will include the name and contact information of your roommate. If you have not already done so, you can contact your roommate and get to know them better.

Please note: The Residence is not currently assigning roommates due to COVID-19 and Public Health recommendations.

5. When do I find out what room I'm in?

This information will be given to you on move-in day. You will find out who your roommate is before, but we do not give out your room number prior to your arrival. Changes to our room registry may occur before you arrive and we want to ensure we provide you the correct information about your room. 

6. When can I move into Residence?

Move in weekend is typically Labour Day weekend and specific move in information is provided to students in their acceptance package.  Due to COVID-19, move-in plans are being reviewed and will be outlined to students ahead of their anticipated move-in date.  

If you have concerns about the move-in date due to extenuating circumstances, please email info [at] (subject: Residence%20Move-In%3A%20Extenuating%20Circumstances) to discuss further.  Exceptions ma be granted on a case-by-case basis.

7. Can I move-in early, or move-out late?

In typical years, students have the option to pay $100 to move in on “Early Move In Day”; the specific date changes each year, but is usually only three or four days prior to the move-in day.

Subject to individual approval due to extenuating circumstances (examples include early class start dates, early flight arrivals, the need to quarantine prior to class start) students can apply for an early move-in. Students with extenuating circumstances should email info [at] to discuss their circumstances. Approval for early move in is not guaranteed and is subject to additional fees.

Subject to individual approval, students are also allowed to pay a daily fee to move out late at Winter Break or at the end of the year, given appropriate circumstances.

8. Can I live in Residence over the Winter Break?

In November, Residents can apply to stay during Winter Break at the Front Desk. You must submit your form prior to the applicable deadline if you would like to stay for either part of the Winter Break or the entire Break.

Academic Year 2022-2023 December 17, 2022 January 1, 2023

9. Are housekeeping services offered?

Typically, the Residence has bi-weekly housekeeping services. However, since the Residence prioritizes health and safety above all else, Housekeeping Services for 2021-2022 are currently suspended until further notice. This is to limit the amount of close contact between students and staff, and to support physical distancing recommendations provided by Public Health Ontario. This is subject to change as circumstances allow.

As cleaning and hygiene are even more important as a result of the COVID-19, the Residence strongly recommends that students bring their own cleaning products, including disinfectants.

Should Housekeeping be allowed to resume, students can expect: bi-weekly light housekeeping services. This means that every two weeks a housekeeper will come to your suite and clean your bathroom and kitchen areas and mop the floors. Housekeeping staff are unable to touch your personal belongings; therefore, to allow for a full cleaning to occur you must make sure your counters, table tops, floors and shower areas are clear of any items. Please be aware that our housekeeping staff will not enter your bedrooms and therefore the bedrooms are the student's responsibility to clean.

Students may refuse housekeeping services if they prefer to clean themselves, however housekeeping staff are required to enter the suite bi-weekly to check that the smoke and heat detectors are working.

10. What if something breaks in my room?

If something breaks in your suite, you can fill out a maintenance request through the Residence Housing Portal. Currently, non-urgent requests are suspended due to COVID-19, but emergency maintenance still takes place. Safety protocols are in place for any emergency maintenance issues.

This maintenance request form authorizes our maintenance staff to enter you room after 9:00 AM to repair damages. We will respond promptly and address situations in a timely manner, when possible given COVID-19 limitations. If it is urgent or an emergency, we ask that you alert our front desk staff to the situation immediately. Please note that any damage to the suite that has occurred at the fault of the resident will be billable.

11. When is the Front Desk open?

Typically, the Residence Front Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the Academic year. We are available for questions, comments and/or concerns at any time. While Public Health Ontario recommends physical distancing measures, we ask that we are contacted by email (info [at] or phone (905-385-3200). Our Residence Services Representatives are always eager to help, but we want to keep everyone safe by practicing physical distancing. Please note while we are staffed 24/7: the staff may be called away from the desk, and will return promptly.

12. Is parking available for Residents?

The designated parking area for Residents is parking lot P10 located directly beside the Residence. Residents must purchase a P10 parking pass from the Mohawk College Parking Office. The parking pass must be the one designated for Residence students to include overnight parking. Students looking for more information about parking should go to Mohawk’s Parking website.

Residence Life

1. How will I know what's going on in Residence?

Your Resident Advisors (RAs) are always organizing events that are educational, fun, or social (or all of the above!). These events allow you to meet people in your new community. Check out the events board in the front lobby, and posters located on each floor to find out about events. Attend floor meetings to hear more, and let your RA know what type of activities you would like to see in Residence.

Due to COVID-19, students can expect more virtual events, notifications, and connections in order to follow Public Health Ontario’s recommendations.

2. What is a Resident Advisor?

A Resident Advisor is a peer who lives in the Residence and whose job it is to organize community events, be a support for students, and help ensure that the Residence is a fun and safe place to live.

3. What if it gets loud in Residence while I am sleeping or studying?

Mohawk Residence promotes 24 hours of consideration for you and your neighbours, but we have enforced Quiet Hours which are typically 11pm – 8 am Sunday – Thursday, and 1 am – 8 am Friday – Saturday. If you are disturbed at anytime of the day or night, before contacting the Front Desk, please try to talk to the resident(s) who is/are causing the disturbance first. Get to know your neighbours and build a respectful community. If the disturbance continues notify the Front Desk and staff will help you reach an acceptable volume by speaking to the resident(s). At the same time, remember to be reasonable with the level of volume you produce as well.

4. What kind of security is in place?

The Residence offers great security from the moment you pass through the controlled access main entrance, until you slide your electronic card into your suite door. Video cameras are located in all common areas, hallways and entrances. College security regularly patrols the property and checks in with the Residence

5. Can I bring additional cooking devices?

All cooking devices must have automatic shutoff, be approved by CSA, and must not have an open element (for example hot plates and indoor grills are not permitted). All appliances will be checked for approval by a Residence staff member.

The Residence recommends students consider bringing devices like an induction burner, toaster oven, slow cooker, kettle and/or rice cooker that meet the above-mentioned guidelines in order to facilitate in-suite cooking.

6. What kind of common areas are available at the Residence?

There are several different common rooms including: The Kitchen, the Laundry Room, the Games Room, the Study Lounge, and the Movie Lounge.

Please note that some of these rooms may be subject to closure or restrictions as a result of COVID-19 physical distancing requirements.

COVID-19 Information

If you have a question that is not addressed below, you may contact info [at] or you may call 905-385-3200 if you prefer to speak with someone on the phone.

1. Is the Residence operating for the Winter 2022 semester?

Yes, it is! Mohawk Residence is looking forward to welcoming you this winter and we are committed to supporting your learning experience. There will be changes to your residence experience, but they will be in place in order to follow Public Health recommended practices.

2. What are the benefits of living on campus?

Our move-in process will be adapted and we have taken extensive cleaning measures to ensure high touch points and common areas are consistently and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We have implemented a physical distancing protocol in our buildings to better protect our students and staff.

Mohawk Residence has been working closely with Mohawk College to adapt policies and procedures accordingly.

3. I have been notified that my classes will be taught remotely (online). Can I still live in Residence?

Yes. Students whose classes are being taught remotely are still welcome to live in the Residence. 

4. What is the last day to cancel my application?

Students may cancel their residence acceptance at any time, even after they have moved into Residence. However, we have an extensive Termination & Cancellation Policy located on the Residence Rates page that explains different penalties that will apply after passing certain deadlines.

For any students who cancel after June 15th, our normal Cancellation policy applies; it is available on the Residence Rates page for more details.

Please Note: Refunds take a minimum of 8-10 weeks to be processed and then delivered. 

5. How do I cancel my application?

In order to cancel their Residence application:

  • Students must log into their Residence My Housing Portal.
  • Then select the active application, and select the “Cancellation Request” button (in small blue font) towards the top right of the page.
  • Then, students should follow the prompts filling in the required information.

Cancellations will not be accepted over the phone. Please note that the Residence operates independently from the Institution and if you cancel your application or enrolment at the Institution, you will also need to cancel your Residence application. Refunds will be issued by the Manager as detailed in section 8.06 of the Student Residence Agreement available on the Residence Resources page.

6. I'm having a difficult time paying for Residence. What are my options?

We understand that through this difficult time comes some hardships.

The residence has varying payment options that can be found on the Academic Rates Page. Please note that residence does not defer any fee payments for OSAP. If you would like to discuss a specialized payment plan, please contact the residence directly at info [at]

7. Can I defer my Residence offer to another Semester?

Unfortunately, the Residence cannot guarantee spaces are available at future date. Instead, students are able to cancel their Academic Year application, and re-apply for the future semester they are interested in

If a student is looking to cancel their residence application, they must log onto My Housing Portal (where they applied for residence) and cancel their application. If a student wants to apply for a future semester, they should log onto their My Housing Portal once the application opens and fill in the required information.

8. When is move-in for Fall semester?

The Residence Team is working hard to create safety protocols for you and our staff during move-in. As we are following all government regulations and recommendations, these protocols have been changing rapidly. Traditional residence events such as move-in and orientation will be adjusted to accommodate physical distancing guidelines. Please look out for email updates in August regarding the move-in process with specific dates and times.

If you are coming to residence from outside of Canada, please contact the Residence directly to discuss housing plans.

9. When is early move-in?

Due to the change in move-in plans, early move-in options will not be offered this year. Students who have opted and paid for “Early Move In” on their acceptance will be contacted in early August. Should you have concerns that require you to move in early, please contact info [at]

10. How will COVID-19 affect my Residence experience?

This answer will be constantly changing as new measures and regulations are put in place government and Public Health officials. However, we are committed to ensuring your experience in Mohawk Residence is a positive one, regardless of the current situation we are all facing. Our Residence Life Team is ready to adapt our community model as restrictions continue to be eased to support and encourage not only your academic, but also social success. We will continue to have Resident Advisors and Residence Services Representatives available to all students – our methods of programming and communication may change, but our commitment to the student experience will never weary.

At this current moment, housekeeping in suites has been suspended until further notice, but cleaning and disinfecting common areas and high touch points are priority.

With regards to common area spaces, currently the study lounge, kitchen and laundry room are available for use with sanitation devices in each space and specific guidelines (e.g. only a limited number of students able to be in a room at a time, etc.). 

11. What changes can I expect in Residence due to COVID-19?

Students should expect to see physical distancing measures recommended by Public Health Ontario in place in the Residence. Depending what the coming months bring, this could mean changes and limitations regarding: guests, items available for students to borrow, group gatherings, the types of social events taking place, common room access, and the way the staff interact with students.

12. How will physical distancing work in Residence?

Along with increased cleaning and sanitization throughout the building, students will be required to wear masks when they are outside their suite and in common areas of the residence.  Additionally, residents are required to maintain the posted room occupancy guidelines (i.e. – common kitchens, laundry rooms, elevators).

13. Will the Residence still host social activities for students?

Students can expect that the Residence will be offering the same type and quality of programming that is available in typical years; however, these events will follow physical distancing protocols until it is safe to do otherwise. Students should expect many virtual events, and no large group gatherings, during the 2021-2022 Academic Year due to COVID-19 and the recommendations of Public Health Ontario.  As the circumstances of the pandemic change, we will review how our residence programming is delivered.

14. Will we be able to have guests in Residence?

One guest per resident is allowed.  Guests are limited to fully vaccinated (with QR code) Mohawk College students or Primary or Secondary contacts of a resident.  

15. Will there still be housekeeping services?

Currently, all in-suite housekeeping services are suspended, while common areas and high traffic areas are receiving extra attention and care. As Public Health and the Government announce changes, the Residence will adjust its policies to reflect the current situation

16. Will we still be able to receive mail?

Yes! Residence will continue to accept mail and parcels from Canada Post and all other courier companies. The process will be adapted so physical distancing can be maintained between Residence staff and delivery people.

Deliveries by Canada Post
Our staff will process and store mail from Canada Post while following proper safety guidelines. Students will be notified by email or phone that they have received mail from Canada Post and arrange for a time to pick up so physical distancing can be maintained while students are retrieving their mail. Please note, the Residence mail is currently delivered to a Community Mail Box and while staff will pick up the mail daily, it means students should expect delays in receiving their mail from Canada Post deliveries.

Deliveries from Other Postal Services and/or Food Deliveries

Deliveries from pre-paid services that do not require signatures will be directed to drop-off tables in the lobby. Residence staff will not be monitoring or notifying students of deliveries from these companies as most automatically notify students about delivery, and/or predict delivery times with high levels of accuracy. Students are expected to promptly pick up their deliveries as the Residence cannot guarantee the security of these parcels.

Residence will temporarily cease accepting drop-offs from family or friends of a resident’s belongings. If a student requires a personal delivery including grocery and food deliveries, it must occur without the reliance on a Residence staff member. Please note, we will only be able to hold mail and parcels for students currently living in Residence upon delivery.

17. What are the current Front Desk hours of operation?

At this time, Mohawk Residence Front Desk is operating 24 hours.

18. Can I visit the Residence in person?

Anyone wishing to attend the Residence in person must make an appointment ahead of time. We are not accepting walk-in visitors at this time. Not all requests for an appointment will be granted. For example, we cannot provide Residence tours at this time.

We ask that any inquiries or appointments be made over email (info [at] or the phone (905-385-3200). We have many protection measures in place in the Residence to support physical distancing efforts, but we are trying to keep in-person contact to a minimum.

19. Can I still have an in-person tour of the Residence?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person Residence tours are not being offered. We encourage anyone looking for a Residence tour to refer to our Virtual Tours page . We encourage you to call 905-385-3200 or email info [at] with any questions about what the Residence is like.

Mandatory Vaccination for Residence Students

1. Does Residence require all students to be vaccinated?

Mohawk College Residence has adopted a mandatory vaccination requirement under the guidance of Hamilton Public Health. This decision was made so students can enjoy enriched experiences within the Residence such as use of Residence lounges and common spaces, and in-person social activities for vaccinated residents. Students living in Residence will be required to show proof they were fully vaccinated before their arrival.

Residence move-in will only be permitted when this requirement has been met or a vaccine exemption has been approved.

2. Why is Mohawk College Residence adding this vaccination requirement?

Mohawk College Residence wants to provide students with a more full Residence life experience as much as possible for this year., Fully vaccinated individuals make congregate living environments safer and allow us to provide enhanced opportunities for our residents. With the support of Hamilton Public Health, Mohawk College is seeking to reduce the risks associated with living in residence, including exposure to COVID 19 or outbreaks or isolation. The goal is to keep all students healthy and able to complete their studies successfully.

3. Will this requirement prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Residence?

Mohawk College Residence is following Hamilton Public Health Unit guidelines for congregate living environments. By following this requirement, Residence has been able to re-open lounges and common areas and explore opportunities to host in-person events for our student residents.

Even with a vaccination requirement, we remain cautious about virus variants, asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic infection and other health concerns. Mohawk College Residence will continue to rigorously clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces and post signage indicating where physical distancing may be required, such as hallways or at the residence front desk. Where vaccinated students are able to enjoy sharing spaces, experts advise that masks or face coverings must still be worn, screening must take place and people should continue washing or sanitizing their hands regularly.

4. What opportunities are available to students who meet the vaccination requirement?

The decision to require proof of a Canadian approved COVID-19 vaccine puts a priority on safety and allows students to enjoy Residence life opportunities that are much closer to a more typical Residence experience. For those students who are fully vaccinated, the following enriched student experiences are permitted:

  • Residence life – Events and social activities (such as contests or fundraisers organized by Residence Advisors, for example) will be permitted to occur in person with approval. A risk assessment will be completed to ensure the activity is conducted in a healthy and safe manner.
  • Roommates – Rooms will be occupied at full capacity. Students will be permitted to engage with other students in their rooms abiding by existing residence guidelines. The roommate selection process will be available to those students who have submitted their proof of vaccination. Vaccine-exempt students will not be permitted to reside with vaccinated students.
  • Common area access – Common lounges and study spaces within the Residence buildings, as well as kitchens and laundry facilities, will be open. Full access to these spaces (within approved occupancy capacities) will be available and will continue to operate on a sign-up basis.
  • Visitors – For the Fall & Winter semester, students will not be permitted to sign in visitors.  An internal guest policy is in place in the residence that allows a maximum of four students to be in one two-person suite.

5. What opportunities are available to vaccine-exempt students?

Beginning September 7, 2021, all employees, students, contractors and visitors attending Mohawk College facilities will be required to confirm that they have had two doses of a Health Canada or World Health Organization approved vaccine before entering a Mohawk facility.

Those who are not fully vaccinated by September 7, and those who have received an exemption for medical reasons will be required to do regular rapid antigen testing that will provided by the college. As directed by the Province of Ontario in their announcement on August 17, individuals who receive an exemption for anything other than medical reasons will be required to complete an education program and do regular rapid antigen testing. Details on the testing and education requirements will be communicated as soon as they are available.

Mohawk College’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy will remain in place throughout the 2021-22 academic year.