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Looking for your course outlines?

Follow a step by step guide below to access your course outlines.

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If you are not able to locate your course outlines, please contact the academic area. 

For courses taken after 2015 eLearn_Logo.JPG

  • Log in MyMohawk (formerly Mocomotion) using Mohawk ID and password 
  • On the "Home" tab, go to "Welcome to MyMohawk"
  • Select the "eLearn" link (opens a new window to eLearn page)

Mymohawk page displaying home page and highlighting eLearn link 

  • In eLearn, click on the "Select a Course" icon located on the top right corner, to select the preferred course from the list

Elearn course icon highlighted

  • Go to "Content" on the course page

Content tab highlighted

  • Select "Table of Contents" and you should be able to access your course outline

eLearn Table of Content tab highlighted

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eLearn Support

For courses taken before 2015   mymohawk-logo.jpg

  • Log in MyMohawk (formerly Mocomotion)  using Mohawk ID and password 
  • Click on "Academics" tab located to the left of MyMohawk page
  • Go to "Quick Links"
  • Select "Access Self Service" under Quick Links (opens a new window to the Access Self Service page)

MyMohawk page displaying the Academics page and highlighting the Access Self Service link

  • Select "Course Outlines"


Access Self Service page highlighting the Course Outlines link

  • Use the drop-down arrow to "Select a Term
  • Click "Submit"

Select a Term drop down arrow and submit button

  • Use the drop-down arrow to "Select a Course"
  • Click "Submit"

Select a Course drop down arrow and submit button

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Updated, April 2018.