O.S.A.P. Program Performance Indicators

Prospective students need to have as much information as possible about post-secondary education programs to assist them in choosing the program in which they enrol. All Ontario postsecondary education institutions that offer the Ontario Student Loan (OSL) as part of the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) are required to make available the following performance indicator data for each OSL-eligible postsecondary education program:

  • Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan (COISL) default rates,
  • Graduate employment rates and
  • Graduation rates

Ministry Websites

  1. Annual summaries of the OSAP (opens new window) Default Rates
  2. Employment Profile (opens new window) of college graduates six months after graduation. The Employment Profile of college graduates is established to provide provincial information on the employment experiences of college graduates. Please visit Mohawk College’s Job Centre webpage for additional information on services available to Students and Employers.


To maintain confidentiality in light of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, information for indicators for which the total number of individuals is less than five will not be published.