Survey Approvals, Procedures & Guidelines

Institutional Research (IR) has implemented a coordinated approach to the administration of surveys (including surveys for research purposes) directed at, but is not limited to applicants, students, employees, alumni, Board members (College Board members, Program Advisory Committee members), and co-op/clinical/placement/practicum employers (College stakeholders).

The purpose of this coordinated approach is to:

  • Ensure compliance with legislative & internal processes.
  • Avoiding or minimizing overlap or duplication in data collection.
  • Preventing or minimizing survey fatigue by limiting the number and timing of surveys to any one specific group.
  • Ensuring good research/survey methodology and design.
  • Encourage collaboration with IR (Internal College surveys)
  • Developing and maintaining a College Survey Inventory


Want to conduct a survey with College stakeholders?

Checklist Links
I want to do a survey at Mohawk Link to "I want to do a survey at Mohawk College" form
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Contact Institutional Research institutional.research [at] (Link to e-mail)