Re-occurring Surveys & Analysis

Surveys are one of the key methods for gathering feedback from our students, staff, faculty, graduates, confirmed applicants, etc. The following administrative surveys occur on a regular basis. Click on the survey title below to find out more information about each survey including the purpose, timing, distribution method, who is surveyed, and additional links.

Ontario College Student Experience Survey (OCSES)

What is the Ontario College Student Experience Survey?

For many years the provincial government conducted an Ontario college system-wide KPI Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey to all students registered in Full-Time programs. This was an important survey that gathered student feedback. The data Mohawk College collected was used to ensure we maintained the high standard of reputation in our community (and with employers); it identified areas, services, learning tools and engagements that students were satisfied with, and it helped the college set goals on programs, services, buildings and equipment. This college system-wide survey was discontinued in 2019.


In 2020, the Ontario College Student Survey Steering Committee was established to oversee redevelopment process. Through the collective efforts of Ontario Colleges and the steering committee, a new, modernized, online survey that will allow for continuous improvement across each college and allow for system level benchmarking of outcomes has been established.


This survey is administered using standardized procedures to ensure a consistent, objective approach and to yield survey results that are reliable, comparable and verifiable. Students will have an opportunity to complete the survey in each academic year.

Who takes the survey?

All students enrolled in postsecondary programs of instruction EXCEPT for:

  • students who are enrolled in Apprenticeship programs
  • students who are registered in the first semester of their program of instruction
  • students who are registered as part-time students and are NOT pursuing a certificate, diploma or an applied degree.


What will I be asked?

The OCSES is comprised of three mandatory and one optional module that asks questions related to:

  • Teaching & Learning Quality
  • Program-Related Knowledge
  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Student Services and Resources

The three mandatory modules were developed with a focus on program quality and the standards outlined by Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) and College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP)

How long is the survey?The survey consists of up to 25 questions. The average survey completion time is 10 minutes.
When does the survey take place?

Students have the opportunity to complete the survey in one of the following survey periods within an academic year.

Spring/Summer: Monday June 10 to Friday June 21, 2024

Fall: Monday November 4 to Friday November 15, 2024

Winter: Monday January 27 to Friday February 14, 2025

Will there be survey incentives?Students who complete the survey will have a chance to win a $250 Walmart gift card. See full contest rules.
How will I get the survey?The OCSES is an online survey. On the day of the survey launch, a survey invitation email will be sent to student’s Mohawk College email and a secondary email address we have on file.
I can't find my survey invitation email. Who do I contact?Students can send an email to Mohawk’s Institutional Research & Data Analytics Department at institutional.research [at] (subject: How%20do%20I%20find%20my%20Student%20Experience%20Survey%20link%3F) (institutional[dot]research[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)
Is the survey confidential?The survey data is being collected by a third party, Ontario Colleges Application Services (OCAS).  Only aggregate data will be reported, and all individual responses are kept confidential and anonymous outside of Mohawk's Institutional Research & Data Analytics Department.
Who do I contact at Mohawk about the survey?Students can send an email to Mohawk’s Institutional Research & Data Analytics Department at institutional.research [at] (subject: Question%20about%20Student%20Experience%20Survey) (institutional[dot]research[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca) with any questions they have pertaining to the survey.


KPI Graduate and Employer Satisfaction Surveys

DescriptionMandated by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU). Students, graduates and employers are surveyed to measure their satisfaction with the programs, facilities and services offered by Colleges in Ontario and will provide an indication of how well these are being met.
Survey Administration PeriodSurvey graduates of our post-secondary (PSE) day programs 6 months after graduation; employers of graduates are surveyed after the 6 month graduates survey.
Survey AdministratorForum Research, provincially hired consultant for all 24 Ontario Colleges
Distribution MethodTelephone and online survey (Ministry hired Consultant)
Sample Group and SizeGraduates of our post-secondary (PSE) day programs, and their employers.
LinkWhat are KPI Surveys; KPI FAQs; KPI Survey Results; O.S.A.P. Program Performance Indicators

Student Feedback on Teaching Surveys (SFT Surveys)

DescriptionGathers feedback on individual courses in areas such as teaching effectiveness, course design, assessment methods and site experience (clinical/placements). Survey responses supports program review and faculty performance management processes.
Survey Administration PeriodDepends on type of course and course dates
Courses in our PSE day programsThe last 2.5 weeks of a course.
Continuing Education (CE) course90% or last 2-weeks of course duration & only courses that are part of the inclusion criteria.
Clinical / Placement CoursesSchool of Health & Community Services programs (Allied Health & Nursing departments, and Recreation Therapy program only). Various times depending on program and course dates.
Apprenticeship CoursesThe last 2-weeks off a class code (e.g., level 2 of a program).
Survey AdministratorMohawk's Institutional Research & Data Analytics Department
Distribution MethodAll surveys are online
Sample Group and SizeMost students.
LinkMore information - Student Feedback on Teaching Surveys

Student Entrance Survey (SES)

DescriptionGathers demographics and attitudes of our incoming students, that supports College reporting, program review, internal research, and Student Services outreach and programming.
Survey Administration PeriodSummer & Fall intakes: mid-March to early October; Winter intake: mid-October to early February
Survey AdministratorMohawk's Institutional Research & Data Analytics Department
Distribution MethodOnline survey conducted during Assessment for Success and 1st month of incoming semester.
Sample Group and SizeConfirmed applicants & semester 1 students in our certificate and diploma programs.
LinkRead more about Student Entrance Survey use, confidentiality and data usage

Canadian Bureau of International Education International Student Survey

DescriptionThis survey is designed to generate insights to understand better the experience of international students on their campus and how they measure nationally.  As a participating institution, Mohawk will be contributing to CBIE's work of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating a national understanding of the international student experience.
Survey Administration PeriodEvery Other Year, approximately mid-October to end of November.
Survey AdministratorCanadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE)
Distribution MethodSurvey is taken online. Distributed via eBlast and promoted through posters and survey launch event in LCC.
Sample Group and SizeAll current international students at Mohawk College.
LinkCBIE’s Survey website:


Student Voices on Sexual Violence Survey

DescriptionMinistry mandated survey for all Ontario Universities and Colleges. Provides information about how students perceive, understand and respond to sexual violence, as well as how institutions address sexual violence.
Survey Administration PeriodEvery 3-years in March. Next survey expected in 2021.
Survey AdministratorCCI Research, provincially hired consultant for all 24 Ontario Colleges
Distribution MethodOnline survey.
Sample Group and SizeAll full-time post-secondary students who are 18 years of age and older.
LinkStudents FAQs for Student Voices on Sexual Violence Survey


Post-Secondary Student Stress and Wellbeing: A National Survey

DescriptionThe Post-Secondary Student Stressors Index (PSSI) was designed to evaluate sources of post-secondary student stress, developed in collaboration with students.  This will allow the college to gather information in order to provide better services and support for post-secondary students.  External survey is done at the same time as other Canadian institutions, allowing for comparisons with other participating Canadian institutions.  This survey replaces the National Health Assessment Survey that Mohawk conducted in 2016 and 2019.
Survey Administration PeriodTwo surveys an academic year for comparison purposes, if possible.  First survey in October/November and the second survey in March.  Next administration is October/November 2023 and March 2024.
Survey AdministratorSurvey communication to students is done by Mohawk with survey administration by Queens University in Kingston.
Distribution MethodOnline survey
Sample Group and SizeAll students in full-time day post-secondary programs.
LinkMore information