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How to create an account and book an appointment

How to book a peer tutoring appointment if you already have an account

How to select your appointment




How to cancel an appointment

Where to join an online tutoring appointment


Communication Videos

The Thesis

Grammar Minutes - Sentence Fragments

Grammar Minutes - Run-On Sentences


Grammar Minutes- Commas

Grammar Minutes- Capitalization

Best Practices for Taking a Blended or Online Course, Part 1


Best Practices for Taking an Online Communication Course, Part 2

Best Practices for Taking an Online Communication Course, Part 3

Subject-Verb Agreement 1


Subject-Verb Agreement 2

Public Speaking 101: Overview

Public Speaking 101: Organizing


Public Speaking 101: Preparing

Public Speaking 101: Body Language

Public Speaking 101: Voice


Public Speaking 101: Recorded or Online

Math Videos

Math Learning Strategies – 10 Tips for being successful in an online math course

How to study for an online math test

How to take an online math test


Math Minutes by Lindsay Richardson

Math Minutes by Lindsay Richardson

Study Skills Videos

Study Smart Shorts - with Kaelyn & Lauren

Study Smart Shorts interview with an Athlete- with Kaelyn & Daniel

Study Smart Shorts with  Chelsea and Ana