Assessments for Success

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Assessments for Success

The Assessments for Success is a post-admission assessment for first semester incoming students.


Contact Information
Email: assessment [at] (assessment[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)

Phone: 905-575-2042

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fall 2024 Students - Overview

The Testing Centre is no longer administering Assessments for the Summer 2024 semester intake.

The booking period for Fall 2024 will be opened mid-May.

Congratulations on your offer of admission and welcome to Mohawk College!

The next step to starting your program is to complete your Assessments for Success. The assessment is required for first semester Mohawk students.

The purpose of the Communications assessment:

  • Used to determine which delivery of your Communications course best suits your skills.

The Communications Assessment is comprised of a writing and reading section, which will be completed in-person at the Mohawk College campus.

Writing Section

This test measures your ability to write effectively, which is critical to academic success.

The writing section gives you an opportunity to show how effectively you can develop and express your ideas in writing. You will be given a random short passage and an assignment question. Using this question, you will write an essay in which you develop your point of view on the issue. You should support your position with appropriate reasoning and examples

The following six characteristics of writing will be considered:

  • Purpose and Focus: The extent to which you present information in a unified and coherent manner, clearly addressing the issue.
  • Organization and Structure: The extent to which you order and connect ideas.
  • Development and Support: The extent to which you develop and support ideas.
  • Sentence Variety and Style: The extent to which you craft sentences and paragraphs demonstrating control of vocabulary, voice and structure.
  • Mechanical Conventions: The extent to which you express ideas using Standard Written English.
  • Critical Thinking: The extent to which you communicate a point of view and demonstrate reasoned relationships among ideas.


Reading Section

The reading section consists of multiple-choice questions that appear as both discrete (stand-alone) questions and as parts of sets of questions built around a common passage or passages. Four broad knowledge and skill categories are assessed:  

  • Information and Ideas (reading closely, determining central ideas and themes, summarizing, understanding relationships)  
  • Rhetoric (analyzing word choice rhetorically, analyzing text structure, analyzing point of view, analyzing purpose, analyzing arguments)  
  • Synthesis (analyzing multiple texts)  
  • Vocabulary 


Prior to your assessment appointment:

  • Complete your Student Entrance Survey
    Information on completing the survey will be provided in your appointment Reminder Email

Day of Assessment:

  1. Arrive at the Testing Centre 30 minutes early.
  2. Please be sure to bring a piece of photo identification (driver's license, student card, health card or passport).
  3. Write your Assessments for Success.

Assessment Results
Your Assessments for Success results will be provided to you immediately following the assessment. 

For any questions, please contact our department at 905-575-2042 or by emailing assessment [at] (assessment[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)


How to Book

You can schedule your assessment appointment through your MyMohawk account by following the steps below:

  1. Login to MyMohawk.
  2. Click on the “Registration” tab.
  3. Click on “Book My Assessments for Success”.
  4. Book your assessment date and time. 
    Session dates and times will be updated regularly. Please continue to check weekly for new sessions.

Assessment Tips:

  1. Prepare for your assessment by reviewing the Assessment Procedures and Sample Questions
  2. Arrive for your assessment session 30 minutes prior to your scheduled date and time.
  3. Write your assessment.
  4. Receive your results

All students with disabilities who require testing accommodations for writing the Assessments for Success should contact the Accessible Learning Services department at 905-575-2211 for assistance. Students will be directed to complete a Confidential Intake Form and scheduled into an Accessible Learning Services Group Intake Session. Full Accessible Learning Services Registration Information is available at Accessible Learning Services.

Sample Questions

Please use the following links to access the Fall 2024 Sample Questions:

Accuplacer WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays (opens PDF)

Accuplacer Next-Generation Reading Sample Question (opens PDF)