Business (General) (Mississauga Campus - International Only) - 672

Ontario College Diploma
Two years
Gain an understanding of business skills, theories and best practices.

Program Highlights

  • Courses span all of the functional areas of business.
  • Ideal for future entrepreneurs.

Note: An additional requirement based on overall grades may be required to proceed into some programs.

What you’ll learn

  • Solid foundation for success in decision making.
  • Master fundamental skills in the core business processes:
    • Accounting and finance
    • Marketing
    • Operations and distribution
    • Human resources and labour

    • Business information systems and technology

    • Project management

Program Length

2 academic years (periods of 8 months)


  • OSSD or equivalent (Mohawk Academic Upgrading, GED) including:
    • Grade 12 English, C or U or equivalent
    • Grade 11 Mathematics, C, M or U level or equivalent (M or U level recommended)

Note: An additional requirement based on overall grades may be required to proceed into some of these programs. 

Options are available for mature applicants.

Language Requirements for International Students:

  • See below for accepted equivalents for Grade 12 English:

Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to demonstrate proficiency in English.

Don't have the necessary requirements?

Tuition and Fees

2023 - 2024 International Tuition and Fees

Description Semester 1 Semester 2

Total Tuition & Ancillary Fees

$8,355.00 $8,355.00
Co-op Fees N/A N/A

Program Compulsory Fees

$0.00 $0.00
International Tax Recovery $450.00 $375.00
Total International Charges Per Semester $8,805.00 $8,730.00
Total 1st Year Fees $17,535.00

If you pay by wire transfer, please note your bank might charge you a fee to transfer money. Make sure your transfer includes the Mohawk payment and the wire transfer fee. This applies to each wire transfer payment you make.

Fees for students starting or continuing in the Fall 2021 term will be published in May, 2021.

Additional Information

Course Overview & Descriptions

Click on the course title for a course description.

Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes, often referred to as ‘Program Standards', set out the essential learning that a student must achieve before being deemed ready to graduate.

In many cases these program learning outcomes were developed by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) in consultation with employers and educators who are experts in the program field. To ensure the outcomes remain current and in line with industry needs, we invite our employers, graduates working in the field and current students to re-examine and update them during regular, ongoing program review focus groups.

Career Opportunities

Your future career options

  • Front Line Production Supervisor
  • Retail Trade Agent
  • Customer Services Representative
  • Buyer/Purchasing Agent
  • Sales Representative
  • Production Scheduler
  • Inventory Control Clerk

Where you could work includes:

  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Retail
  • Wholesaling
  • Banking
  • Government
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations

Opportunities for grads

Graduates of the program will have met the academic requirements for the Certified in Management (CIM) designation.


Students graduating from this program will have met the academic requirements for the Certified in Management (C.I.M.) and Professional Manager (P.Mgr.) designations.

Additional Information

Bring-Your-Own-Device Suggested Specifications


For this program, you will require your own computer. It is recommended that you computer meets the "Best Specification", or greater, as listed on the Student Tech Support Hardware Specifications page.

Components Best Specifications

Operating System Windows 10
Processor I7 or equivalent processor
RAM 8 GB or more of RAM
Hard Drive 500 GB or larger Hard Drive
USB Port 1 full-size USB port
Graphics Card High-end graphics dedicated video card
Wireless Wireless 802.11ac

Your computer is required to have a webcam, microphone and speakers (or headphones).

Note: We do not recommend using a MacBook, as software required in this program may not compatible with their operating system, and applications may not behave the same way as they do in Windows. MacBooks may be used however PC Platforms are strongly preferred. Students using MacBooks may need to make a hard-disk partition to allow Windows to run.

Don’t forget to access Mohawk’s purchasing discount if buying online. You can do so by, logging to your MyMohawk account, on the left-hand navigation select Technology Solutions, Computer Store. Use your Mohawk College email to receive an exclusive coupon code.


Details about specific software needs will be shared at the beginning of each course. You will be provided with access to the required software at no additional cost.

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