GAS-English for Academic Purposes 2023-24 (Domestic & International) - 478

Ontario College Certificate
One year or less
Learn and gain confidence in academic English language skills in a Canadian college environment. Complete Semester 3 to meet Language Proficiency Requirements for post-secondary college programs.

Note: GAS-EAP is for students of English as a Second or Other Language.

In September 2023, we will launch a NEW version of our GAS-English for Academic Purposes program to improve student success!

If you plan to begin EAP before September 2023, please visit:


Program Length

3 semesters or less, based on language skills placement

Semester: 14 weeks

  • 22 hours per week (Semesters 1 and 2)
  • 21 to 24 hours per week (Semester 3) 


Program Highlights

  • Credits toward your future college program in classes with Canadian students and teachers:
  • Real-life communication experiences through field trips, community exploration, workshops, college clubs, and volunteering.
  • OSAP and part-time study available for domestic students
  • September, January, and May start dates
  • International and domestic students from a variety of countries study together, and all professors are TESL certified.
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Program delivery

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Students require a Secondary School diploma or at least 10 years of education in their first language.

Students are placed into a semester by language skill level.

  • You can take a placement test in the Mohawk College Testing Centre
  • OR You can provide official language scores (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.). Scores must be official and may not be more than one year old.

You may also have an interview to finalize your placement. Students are usually placed according to lowest skill to support their success.

Semester 1: IELTS 3.5, no band below 3, or equivalent. NOTE: For students who need language support below this level, contact eap [at] for information on your new options.

Semester 2: IELTS 4.5, no band below 4, or equivalent OR successful completion of Semester 1

Semester 3: IELTS 5.5, no band below 5, or equivalent OR successful completion of at least two Semester 2 courses.

Tuition and Fees

Please check back.

Course Overview & Descriptions


Semester 1

22 hours per week

EAP Integrated Skills 1 (22 hours per week)
Develop low-intermediate (CEFR B1.1) English language skills. Apply vocabulary, reading comprehension and fluency skills in mostly adapted texts and course communication. Write and edit sentences and paragraphs for routine life and academic communication. Apply listening skills to identify main and supporting points, record information, and participate in academic discussions. Apply speaking skills, including transitions, non-verbal communication strategies, and visual support in academic discussions and presentations.


Semester 2

22 hours per week

EAP Listening, Speaking & Pronunciation 2 (8 hours per week)
Develop oral/aural communication skills for general and academic topics at an intermediate (CEFR B1.2) level. Apply listening strategies to identify and respond to ideas and relationships between ideas in mostly adapted listening texts and some authentic materials. Apply grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking strategies to express clear ideas in college life situations, pair or small-group themed discussions, and presentations.

EAP Reading & Vocabulary 2 (6 hours per week)
Develop reading skills in adapted texts and some authentic materials on mostly academic topics at an intermediate (CEFR B1.2) level. Use context clues, inference, and affixation to develop vocabulary and comprehension. Employ active reading  strategies and critical thinking skills to identify and respond to main and supporting ideas and relationships between ideas. Use information from texts to summarize and to interpret academic instructions, materials, and course communication.

EAP Writing & Grammar 2 (8 hours per week)
Develop writing skills for academic communication at an intermediate (CEFR B1.2) level. Integrate vocabulary and grammar skills to produce complex sentences that express a variety of relationships. Develop pre-writing, logical development, editing, and proofreading skills to produce clear, well-organized, and cohesive texts of up to three paragraphs in a variety of formats and rhetorical styles.


Semester 3

21 hours/week (18 hrs + 3 hrs General Education elective)
Note: 24 hrs/wk if students take an optional field-specific course.

EAP Listening, Speaking & Pronunciation 3 (6 hours per week)
Develop academic listening and speaking skills at a high-intermediate (CEFR B2) level. Apply listening strategies to respond to adapted and authentic conversations and presentations on academic topics. Use advanced conversational strategies, such as interrupting or consensus-making, in group discussions. Use elements of pronunciation to clarify, enhance, and shift meaning. Deliver academic presentations with graphics and respond appropriately to questions and comments.

EAP Reading & Vocabulary 3 (6 hours per week)
Develop and refine academic reading skills in adapted and authentic texts on abstract and global topics at a high-intermediate (CEFR B2) level. Apply reading strategies, context clues, and knowledge of logical development to increase fluency. Analyse and respond to texts, decode instructions and inferences, and summarize key ideas. Develop vocabulary acquisition skills for independent learning in academic contexts.

EAP Writing & Grammar 3 (6 hours per week)
Develop writing skills for academic purposes at a high-intermediate (CEFR B2) level. Refine control of complex sentence structure. Employ logical development and editing strategies for clarity and unity of message across several paragraphs of text in a variety of formats and rhetorical styles. Apply basic citation and reporting structures to acknowledge sources.

General Education elective (3 hours per week)
This course represents your first requirement to complete a General Education elective. General education courses are intended to broaden your educational experience and help you to develop new perspectives on your life and career. These courses must focus on content that is separate from your core area of study and must reflect at least one of the five themes of general education as defined by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities: Arts in Society, Civic Life, Social and  Cultural Understanding, Personal Understanding, Understanding Science and Technology.

Optional field-specific course (3 hours per week)
You may choose to take an additional undergraduate course in your desired program or field of study. Contact an EAP Program Co-ordinator for details. Subject to course, seat, and scheduling availability.

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