Post Secondary Level Competitor Eligibility

College competitors in the Skills Ontario Competition must meet the following criteria and may be asked to provide proof of any points listed below:

  1. Possess a Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status and be a resident of Ontario. Competitors are responsible for verifying this information if requested.
  2. Be enrolled in a community college or private or vocational school or training institution, which is affiliated with Skills Ontario - OR - Be a registered apprentice with the MCU or a Journeyperson candidate in the field that they are competing. Once a Journeyperson candidate reaches that class, they are only eligible for one year.
  3. Be enrolled in a post-secondary program of study directly related to the contest in which they will compete, within the current school year (September 2020 – June 2021).
  4. Be registered as a competitor with Skills Ontario.
  5. The competitor cannot be a certified journey-person. Journeyperson candidates who have NOT passed their qualification exam are eligible to compete.
  6. Competitors must be no older than 29 years of age in the year of the competition. Proof of age must be available upon request.
  7. All competitors must be able to show either current apprenticeship or Journeyperson candidate status and/or proof of age upon request of the Technical Committee Chairperson.

Additional details regarding competitor eligibility, rules and regulations can be found on the Skills Ontario Competition website.