Meet the Student Life Team

Meet the Student Life Team

Aleena Malik
Student Development Coordinator, Student Life

Aleena focuses on the First Year Experience program as well as the Orientation & Transition strategy at all of our main campuses. She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology at McMaster University, and has extensive mentorship experience through her time as a camp coordinator and language instructor, as well as event management experience through her involvement in community organizations. Aleena will be bringing her exceptional dedication, enthusiasm, and problem-solving skills to the Student Life team!


Contact Aleena:
aleena.malik [at] (Email Aleena)
Fennell Campus, R203

Andrea Brienesse
Student Experience & Recognition Coordinator

Having been a part of the Mohawk Community for over 20 years, Andrea understands the importance of getting involved outside of the classroom to create lasting memories, friendships, experiences, and to learn valuable skills for your future career and personal life. She plans and executes a variety of events, recruits and trains volunteers, and collaborates with different departments, faculty and staff to host workshops and events for students. A graduate of Mohawk, Andrea’s favourite student experience is orientation day where she can create a welcoming environment for new and returning students.

Contact Andrea:
andrea.brienesse [at] (Email Andrea)
Fennell Campus, R203

Ingie Metwally
Student Leadership Coordinator

Since being a first-year student herself, Ingie has appreciated all things that a post-secondary student experience can offer. She is passionate about creating a welcoming and engaging space for all, and has been involved in student life for the past 10 years. Ingie works with students to offer meaningful student leadership training and experience, and works with the Student Life team to offer engaging programming and events for all students. She is also often the face behind our social media and is working on strengthening her gif game.

Contact Ingie:
ingie.metwally [at] (Email Ingie)
Fennell Campus, R203

Claire Webber (on leave)
Manager, Student Life

Creating a positive and inclusive student experience is what Claire aims to do! After seven years coordinating a wide variety of volunteer and leadership initiatives, bringing students together and creating meaningful connections, Claire now takes the helm to provide direction and coaching to the Student Life team. Claire will always take the time to meet with students, collaborate with community organizations, and find the right opportunities to take each student experience to the next level.

Contact Claire:
claire.webber [at] (Email Claire)
Fennell Campus, R203

Donna Moreau
Acting Manager, Student Life

Donna is determined to make sure every student starts out their studies feeling welcomed, supported, and empowered. After dozens of orientations, coordinating efforts across the college on various initiatives to support the transition to college for post-secondary, apprenticeship, and pre-apprenticeship students, Donna is now leading the Student Life team to improve the impact and awareness of their programs. Passionate about inclusion, community, and productivity, Donna is always ready to support students on their journey of personal and academic growth.

Contact Donna:
donna.moreau [at] (Email Donna)
Fennell Campus, R203

Tyler Sinke
Campus to Community Coordinator

With a passion for ongoing learning and personal development, Tyler aims to support opportunities for students to expand their knowledge through volunteer opportunities. By connecting students to one another, and with community organizations in Hamilton and surrounding area, Tyler hopes to help students find exciting new experiences that they can be proud of!

Contact Tyler:
tyler.sinke1 [at] (Email Tyler)
Fennell Campus, R203

Edvania Manuel
Program & Services Assistant

As a proud Mohawk alumna, Edvania has first hand experience in understanding the resources students require in order to succeed throughout their academic career. For Edvania the pursuit of knowledge is never ending so remaining a "student at heart" will be her staff superpower. She hopes to make a positive impact within the team by integrating her diverse professional background & her passion for community building. As the friendly face behind the Student Life departments' communication. Edvania is passionate in bringing forth Mohawk's diverse multicultural community and providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for new and returning students to create long lasting connections, friendships and relationships.

Contact Edvania:
edvania.manuel [at] (Email Edvania)
Stoney Creek Campus C118

Suzan Faraj
Program & Services Coordinator

With broad experience guiding students through the university admission process, leading post-secondary orientations, and introducing a variety of co-curricular opportunities in both Jordan and Canada, Suzan supports the ongoing development and implementation of Student Life Programs to help our students feel welcome and successfully meet their goals, while encouraging them to take advantage of the wide variety of opportunities while attending Mohawk College.

Suzan is happiest when students discover their passion and strive to become the best version of themselves; she works hard to provide the necessary tools, meaningful orientations, and useful transition activities so that students make the most of their time here at Mohawk.

Suzan believes that every day at Mohawk College provides an opportunity to grow, and she is looking forward to engaging Mohawk students with opportunities to cultivate their success through enriched resources and student-centered initiatives.

Contact Suzan:
suzan.faraj [at] (Email Suzan)
Stoney Creek Campus C118