Posting Guidelines

Posting is suspended until further notice.

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Mohawk College offers 15 posting locations at Fennell, 9 at Stoney Creek, and 5 at the IAHS campuses. Poster locations were created to promote Mohawk College information, campus activities, and non-profit community events. All posters must be approved by Student Life, and will be posted by a volunteer or staff member from the Student Life office. Student Life monitors these locations and all outstanding or unapproved posters will be removed. Only posters that meet the posting guidelines will be posted.

If you are interested in posting in one of the locations, please drop off copies of your posters to the Student Life Office at Fennell, IAHS, or Stoney Creek campus (opens new window) for approval and posting. Please allow 1-2 weeks for posting. 

Posting guidelines refer to the utilization of posting areas and the posting of signs, flyers, announcements, etc. at Mohawk College. The Posting Guidelines are administered by Student Life and apply to all campuses.

Posting Guidelines

  1. All materials must be submitted to Student Life for approval and posting.
  2. Unauthorized materials will be removed immediately and without notification.
  3. Designated posting days are under the discretion of Student Life and will be determined per semester.
  4. All materials must be submitted to Student Life at least 2 business days before posting.
  5. Posting areas are designated for Mohawk College in-house information. Materials will be removed immediately after an event. Information not dated will remain posted for one month.
  6. “Community Events” may be submitted by non-profit charitable organizations and will be posted pending approval from Student Life. Materials will be removed immediately after the event. Information not dated will remain posted for one month.
  7. During major special events such as Orientation and Student Elections, exceptions to these guidelines may be made with the approval of the Student Life Office.
  8. Materials that directly profit an individual or business will not be permitted.
  9. Large banners or signs will not be permitted unless submitted for special consideration.
  10. Materials will be posted only in college designated posting areas and will not be affixed to ceilings, painted or glass surfaces, doors, pillars, in classrooms or on washroom walls.
  11. Certain bulletin boards will be designated to specialized groups within the College and will be maintained by that group. Student Life will monitor these boards. Boards not properly maintained or materials not adhering to these guidelines will be removed.
  12. Infringements, perceived or otherwise, or individual freedoms or perceived addresses of religious, political, moral, or ethical issues will not be permitted.
  13. All materials submitted for approval, especially in the case of outside sources, must contain accurate contact information given both to the Student Life office and on the material itself.
  14. In applying the above guidelines, the College will exercise common sense and discretion in the best interest of all members of the College community. Posting decision may be appealed through the Director of Student Life.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact [at] (student[dot]life[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)

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