Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Calculating our carbon footprint to determine our impact on the environment; knowing where we stand and planning for the future.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory – 2018-2019 Report PDF (3.3mb)

This report provides a summary of Mohawk’s carbon emissions from September 2018 – August 2019 and compares results to previous inventories. By measuring our emissions we can identify the success of previous initiatives, understand the opportunities for improvement, and effectively build on current progress.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory- 2012 Report PDF (4.1mb)

This report is the five-year review of Mohawk's carbon footprint since the 2007 baseline survey (available below). Measuring our carbon footprint on a regular basis is important for determining the impact of new initiatives, identifying areas for improvement, and providing an opportunity for Mohawk to celebrate the successes it has had.

To limit file size, Appendix A- 2007 Baseline has been removed. A copy of the 2007 baseline is available below.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory- 2007 Baseline PDF (1.6mb)

This report has identified Mohawk’s baseline carbon footprint in 2007. Knowing the baseline carbon footprint gives Mohawk the ability to track the success of environmental initiatives and the information required to develop a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan.