Waste and Recycling

two students playing a waste sorting game at a table in Mohawk's Fennell Campus hallway

Rethinking waste on campus

Mohawk's waste programs are aimed at reducing the total amount of waste and recycling generated on campus while maintaining strong diversion rates.

Waste Reduction 

In 2013 and in direct alignment with the Environmental Management Plan, Mohawk College issued a policy to help reduce Mohawk’s carbon footprint. The Single-use Plastics Policy [opens PDF] aims at lowering waste management costs associated with the disposal of single-use plastics.

Refillable water stations have been installed around the college at Fennell, Stoney Creek, and the Institute of Applied Health Sciences at McMaster campus to encourage the use of reusable water bottles.

Waste Diversion

Mohawk measures its waste diversion by tracking the weights of materials sent to landfills versus those sent to recycling or compost facilities. These numbers can be found in our annual third-party waste audit reports. Our Waste Reduction Workplans can be found in Appendix III:

Special Collection

Electronic waste

In partnership with Quantum Lifecycle Partners, we offer a year-round electronic recycling service that is available for all students, staff and faculty to use.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the disposer to remove or destroy any confidential information from electronic devices. College computer equipment is exempt from collection. All Mohawk College IT Assets must be disposed of directly by the IT department.


Year-round Drop-off Locations

  • Fennell Campus: Located in the hallway between the Campus Bookstore (C068) and the cafeteria


What we accept:

Acceptable Electronic Waste Non-acceptable Electronic Waste
Computer Equipment (Desktop/Laptop) Bio & Hazardous Waste/Sharps
Computer Peripherals (Mouse, Keyboard, etc.) Chemical Waste
Mini & Micro Computers Air Conditioners & Water Coolers
Cell phones/MP3's Gas Powered Equipment
Monitors & TVs (Up to 29") Ballasts (PCB)
Tablets, PDAs/Digital Cameras & Power Supplies Paint & Aerosol Cans
Printed Circuit Boards (All) Medication
Hard/Disk Drives, CD-ROM Drives  
Cables & Wires  
Landline/Cordless Telephones, Pagers  
Printers, Fax machines, Copiers (Under 90 kgs)  
Projectors, Video Players/Recorders  
Amplifiers, Pre-Amplifiers, Equalizers  
Radios, Speakers, Turntables  
Audio Players/Recorders  
Smoke Detectors  
Microwaves, Toaster Ovens & Vacuum Cleaners  
Print Cartridges (in sealed bag or box)  

Please do not remove items from this bin.

Have a Question? E-mail sustainability [at] mohawkcollege.ca


Mohawk Sustainability has teamed up with Raw Materials Company Inc. (RMC) to bring an on-campus battery recycling program. All students, staff and faculty are encouraged to bring their used batteries to any of the specified locations listed below and we will ensure they are properly recycled.

Battery collection is available at Fennell Campus:

  • In the hallway between the Campus Bookstore (C068) and the cafeteria (located beside the e-waste bin)


Acceptable Batteries:

  • Single-use batteries (place tape over terminals)
    • Alkaline Batteries
    • 6 Volt
    • 9 Volt
    • AA, AAA, C, D
  • Lithium batteries (tape terminals)
  • Button cell batteries (tape terminals)
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Corroded, leaking batteries and damaged (placed in a bag)


For more information on how to prepare your batteries for recycling, please visit Raw Materials Company.

Large items, cardboard or hazardous waste

If you need to dispose of large or hazardous items which cannot be safely placed within regular waste stations please email maintenance [at] mohawkcollege.ca.

Please include “Waste Pickup” and the room number in the subject line. Ex. “ Waste Pickup: Ea409”
Within the body of the email, please give a description of the waste which requires collection.

Note: please do not leave cardboard boxes in hallways, this is a fire hazard. Break down boxes and leave them in within the specified room.