Winter 2022 Program Delivery

How your program will be delivered

There is a small number of programs with unique considerations that will continue to be delivered entirely online for the Winter 2022 semester. Details for these programs are listed below.

All other programs not listed will be delivered in-person with some virtual and remote learning included and students should plan on attending a Mohawk campus. These courses will be identified in your timetable. Winter timetable registration will open as planned on Tuesday, December 7. Visit the Virtual and Remote Learning website for more details and see how to read your timetable.   

If you have questions regarding placements or online delivery for a specific course please reach out to the contact listed on your program page. Use this search to find your program page.

To learn about how Apprenticeship programs will be offered visit Ministry Funded Apprenticeship Training Dates.  To learn about how Continuing Education courses and programs will be offered visit Mohawk Continuing Education.

International Students »

For the Winter 2022 term, the majority of the programs will return to in-person delivery. Whether you are a new or returning student and attending classes in Hamilton or Mississauga, you must attend in-person classes on-campus for the start of classes on January 5, 2022, but no later than January 18, 2022.

For exceptions to this rule, please review the chart below. International students traveling to Canada must have a full and valid study permit. Students planning to apply for the PGWPP upon graduation must complete their courses inside Canada after December 31, 2021, according to IRCC policies.

If you are not fully vaccinated with a vaccine that has been approved by Health Canada, it is advised you arrive at least three weeks in advance of the start date of your program, so that you can complete your mandatory 14-day quarantine and start your access to campus process. See the College’s Policy statement regarding vaccination for more information. Please refer to the Entering Canada website for further information on your requirements to travel to Canada.


Below are the specific semesters in programs that will continue to be delivered fully online for Winter 2022.

All other Mohawk College programs will have some in-person activity and students should plan on attending a Mohawk campus. The specific course delivery details will be indicated on the student timetable once registration has opened. 

Program Name Campus Winter '22 Delivery Semester
Accessible Media Production - 390 Fennell Campus Fully online Semester 2
Brain Disorders Management - 470 Fennell Campus Fully online Semester 2
Career Pathways - 361 Fennell Campus Fully online Semester 2
Mental Health and Disability Management - 475 Fennell Campus Fully online Semester 2
Nursing (BScN) - 731 Institute for Applied Health Sciences Fully online Semester 8
Project Management - 399 Fennell Campus Fully online Semester 2

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Online Learning Programs that started Fall 2021 and Winter 2022

Students who applied to and are enrolled in the Online Learning delivery option for the programs below will learn online each semester for the duration of your program.

View the Online Program webpage for a list of full-time and part-time programs with completely online delivery.