Wellness Programs

Here to help you be healthy and well

The Health & Wellness Centre offers a range of wellness programs to support you in building and maintaining your physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. By attending these groups, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our team as well as other students and develop new skills and strategies for improving your health and wellbeing. You may also learn about on-campus and community resources.

Learn about our wellness programs

All our wellness programs are hosted by registered Counsellors, Nurses, or Social Service Workers. We offer three different types of wellness programs:

  • Wellness Program Series: These groups will have 2 or more sessions that take place either weekly or bi-weekly. Wellness program series require registration in advance, as seats are limited.
  • Single-Session Programs: These groups cover a single topic in 1 session. Single-session programs may be offered more than once throughout the calendar year. Single-session programs require registration in advance, as seats are limited.
  • Drop-In Programs: Drop-in programs do not require registration in advance. Students are asked to sign in at the front desk in the Health & Wellness Centre as they arrive.

How to Register

Registration for a Wellness Program Series or Single-Session Programs can be completed through our Mohawk College Health and Wellness online portal, or by emailing: studentwellness [at] mohawkcollege.ca (studentwellness[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)

Drop-in workshops do not require registration.

Did you know…

Wellness programs count towards hours accrued on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR). Students who complete attending at least 8 hours of wellness programs can achieve a Wellness Advocate Certificate.

Students who are interested in receiving a Wellness Advocate Certificate must e-mail studentwellness [at] mohawkcollege.ca (studentwellness[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca) once they have attended 8 hours of wellness programs.

Fall 2023 Wellness Programs

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Wellness Series Offerings

Bright path towards a balance positive end goal, symbolizing overcoming perfectionism

Overcoming Perfectionism

This 4-part wellness series will teach you what is helpful and unhelpful about perfectionism, and support you towards realizing the impact perfectionism is having on your life. Throughout this series, you will learn strategies for reducing perfectionism, developing healthy standards, and creating a more balanced basis for judging your self-worth.

Hands holding a seedling.

Thriving in Action

Learn to thrive in both your academic and personal life. In this group session, students will meet weekly to learn key skills to increase motivation, optimism, and resilience. You will also be introduced to learning strategies that will improve time management and study skills. Offered as one 8-week series or two 4-week series, choose your own path to improving your academic and personal life. It’s not too late to turn things around, and it’s never too late to learn how to flourish! Visit our Thriving in Action webpage for more details on this unique offering.

Alarm clock setting at night

Sleep: Get it. Keep it. Fix it.

Explore the latest sleep research and practical tips to enhance your sleep in this 2-session series. Part one delves into recent scientific discoveries on sleep’s impact on memory, learning, and mental wellbeing. Part two will offer practical exercise that improves sleep onset time and quality. You may even have a nap! Take charge of your sleep to optimize your college experience.


Dice and pencil on a sheet of paper

Wellness & Dragons

Embark on a 10-week adventure to improve your mental health and well-being with Wellness & Dragons! Led by a Peer W&D Facilitator, hone essential skills like effective communication, teamwork, creative problem-solving and dodging fireballs! Forge lasting friendships with like-minded adventurers in a structured, safe, and fun-filled environment. Join us for an unforgettable journey of personal growth, camaraderie and, of course, dragons!

Thought bubble with letters representing ADHD

Hanging Out With ADHD

This 5-week wellness series is for students looking to share and support each other while navigating college with ADHD. Get to know more about ADHD, chat about learning strategies, and practice a little mindfulness along the way. Students who relate to ADHD symptoms are welcome – diagnosis is not required.

Heart shaped stone amidst various stones

Relationships Reality

This 4-session wellness series will teach strategies for improving your relationships with yourself, others, and the world around you. Come explore how nurturing positive relationships in your life can increase your ability to learn and succeed.


Girl holding head facing shadow of a dragon

Slaying Social Anxiety

A unique 10-week adventure combing the powers of therapeutic support with the magic of Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). Embark on a thrilling quest alongside a small group of fellow adventurers who understand the challenges of social anxiety. Led by our WM (Wellness Master), a professional counsellor, explore and develop essential social skills such as active listening, teamwork, and effective communication.

Thinking and behaviour patterns to facing your feelings

Facing Your Feelings

Join this 4-week wellness series to learn strategies for managing uncomfortable feelings and building distress tolerance skills. Explore thinking and behaviour patterns that make distress unmanageable, and develop a distress tolerance action plan that you can apply when feelings get tough.

Three darts hitting the target

Eyes on the Prize

Does life sometimes not go the way you planned? Do you find yourself stuck when things become difficult? This two-part wellness series offers tools to adapt to the difficulties of life so that you can keep working towards the life you want to live.

Single-Session Offerings

Hourglass with time passing

Procrastination Hacks

Procrastination is a trouble-maker—it messes with our marks, our calm, our life. Learn YOUR procrastination’s tricks and some hacks to put it in its place!

Flower blooming in a hostile environment

Stress, Burnout, and Resilience

Learn how to recognize burnout within yourself, while gaining practical strategies to reignite your energy levels and feel more alive. As part of this session, participants will be given a takeaway resource package which includes useful tools that can be used to increase physical, mental and emotional energy levels.

Calendar with colored pins

Building a Routine

Don’t underestimate the impact of daily routines! Join this session to get some ideas for how to create patterns of behaviour that empower you with a sense of control and mastery over your life. Establishing regular patterns of behaviour will save you time, reduce stress levels, increase your productivity and make your busy life easier to manage.


Fashion Canada Carry-on Suitcase

Adapting to a New Country

New to Canada? Attend this session to gain an understanding of culture shock, learn strategies for adapting to a new place, and practice skills for coping with distress and change. This session will also provide you with information about when and how to ask for help.

Stack of coins and a basket with groceries and food

Smart Cents, Healthy Plates

In collaboration with the Mo’Money Financial Literacy Resource Center and the Health and Wellness Centre, this session combines budgeting strategies with nutrition education to help you make informed choices that support both your financial and physical well-being. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast, a health-conscious individual, or simply looking to make your money go further, this session will provide valuable insights and practical tips for eating well on a budget.

Menstrual cups

Me and My Cup

You’ve heard of menstrual cups, but you’re a little hesitant to try them – you have no idea how they work, and at this point, you’re too afraid to ask. Does this sound like you? Join this free session on everything you need to know about menstrual cups. We will teach you how they work, how to care for your cup, and answer any questions you may have. All participants take home a FREE Diva Cup to test out risk-free! Open to all Mohawk College students and employees.

Illustration of sweet home with smoke coming out of the chimney

Home Sweet Home – Housing Information for International Students

Learn about supports for finding safe housing and share your experiences with fellow international students who may be facing or who have gone through similar challenges.

Illustration of a cup with a hot drink and steam rising

Holiday Wellness for International Students

Are you spending the holidays away from home this year? This session offers international students the opportunity to meet others who might be spending the holidays in Canada. Engage in conversation about favourite holiday traditions, share strategies for wellness through the holiday break, and learn of community events and resources that are available.

Drop-In Offerings

Watercolor supplies

Mindfulness Mondays

Drop into the Wellness Hub in the Health & Wellness Centre (C109) at Fennell Campus to destress with mindfulness activities. A great way to meet new friends and try your hand at a new hobby. Activities include origami, mindful colouring, friendship bracelet making, crocheting, and more!

Hot cup of tea

Thriving in Action (TiA) Tea

Led by the Thriving in Action Peer Facilitators, drop into the Wellness Hub (C109) every Tuesday after Thriving in Action and grab a cup of tea. Join in on a peer-facilitated activity practicing TiA skills and strategies for becoming a more resilient student or chat with your peers about wellness.

Colorful balloons in unique shapes

Beyond the Pill: Exploring Your Birth Control Options

Not sure which birth control method is right for you? During this fun and interactive session learn about the different birth control methods available to you, safer sex tips, reproductive health exams, and partner communication.


Unscrambling wooden words: HPV

Hepatitis C Clinic

Get Hepatitis C tested from the comfort of campus! In collaboration with The Shelter Health Network Hep C Team students and employees have access to rapid point-of-care Hepatitis C testing. Know your status and get support focusing on healthy living and recovery.

Healthcare worker holding a hepatitis test

Harm Reduction 101

Demystify substance use. Explore how substance use impacts your health and learn about strategies to reduce harm, and find out more about resources available in the community if you are looking to make a change. Harm Reduction 101 discusses topics of alcohol, cannabis, and illicit substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are usually in a session?
Attendance to sessions ranges from 5 to 15 participants, depending upon the wellness program. Most wellness programs will have registration limits so that the group size stays relatively small.

Who facilitates these programs?
Wellness programs are facilitated by the Health & Wellness Centre team. Depending on the topic, wellness programs may be hosted by Registered Counsellors, Social Service Workers, and/or Nurse Practitioners.

Do I need to register?
Wellness program series and single-session programs require registration. Registration can be completed through the Health and Wellness Centre online portal, or by emailing: studentwellness [at] mohawkcollege.ca (studentwellness[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)

Is there a maximum number of programs I can register for?
There is no limit to how many wellness programs you can register for. We only ask that if you no longer plan on attending to let us know so that your spot can become available to another person.

Will attending programs cost me any money?
Our wellness program offerings are FREE to current Mohawk College students. Select groups are open to staff as well.

Can I join in programs virtually?
Our wellness programs are hosted in-person, online, or hybrid. View the group descriptions for more details.

Will I get a certificate of participation?
Students may request to receive a certificate of participation for single sessions. Alternatively, students can log their participation hours on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR), and work towards achievement of a “Wellness Advocate Certificate”, which students can apply for after 8+ hours of participation in wellness programs.

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