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Welcome Technology Students

Mohawk's Technology Programs are supported by a range of labs including our mHealth and eHealth Development and Innovation Centre, our 3D Printing Lab and iDeaWORKS, our research and innovation centre.

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We want your time here at Mohawk College to be a smooth and positive experience. To assist you along your academic path, we have posted useful information for all new and returning students.

Accessing course outlines

Why should I print my course outlines?

  • To be prepared for your 1st class and the term
  • To become knowledgeable of the course description
  • To become knowledgeable of the course learning outcomes
  • To be knowledgeable of the assessments methods and the weight of each assessment
  • To have the course outline in the event you wish to apply for an exemption at another institution.

Where do I find my course outlines?

  • Once you have registered in your courses your course outline is available to you through MyMohawk
  • They can be accessed in several places
    • On the “Welcome” tab, the “Main Menu” and under “View Course Outlines”
    • On the “Student Academics”, under “Registration Information”, on the right hand side of the tab, Select Term and then select Course Outlines

Step-by-step process to print your course outlines

  • Sign into MyMohawk
  • Go to “Course Outlines”
  • Click on that link and it will show the terms, Select the correct term
  • Click on the courses one at a time and print.
  • Bring your course outlines to the 1st class of each course

Promotion guidelines

Effective fall 2009, Mohawk College introduced changes to promotion and grading. The new passing grade for a course is 50%. For any courses taken prior to this date, the passing grade is 60%.

In addition, in order to be promoted to the next semester (and future semesters) a student must have a WGPA of 60%. Certain courses have pre-requisites for future courses so please refer to your Program of Study.

As well, In order to qualify to graduate from a program a student must have earned a WGPA of 60% overall of the combined courses in the Program of Study.

Summary of promotion policy

Weighted GPA 0 Failures 1 Failure More than one Failure
<50%   Compulsory withdrawal Compulsory withdrawal
>=50% and <60% Promote with Advice Promote with Advice Probation
<60% Promote with Good Standing Promote with Advice Probation

Weighted GPA (Grade Point Average) - A representation of student achievement that is calculated using the following formula: the sum of the percentage grades multiplies by the credit value and divided by the sum of the credits for the courses taken as defined by the Program of Studies.

Did you know?

  • All courses in your Program of Study must be completed to earn your diploma.
  • If you receive a failing grade in any course you will be required to repeat it (possibly at an additional cost).
  • If you drop a course you will need to pick it up at another time (possibly at an additional cost) Not all courses are offered every term. (Check your Program of Study)
  • Peer Tutors (no charge) are available each semester. The Math Learning Centre and Communication Centre have help available if you need it.

How to withdraw from a course

Attention: Speak to your Program Coordinator. Withdrawing from a course could affect your academic path.

Visit our Registration and Records page for more information.

If a student drops a course within the first ten days of classes, the course will be removed from their transcript. Students who drop a course after ten days, but within ten weeks of the start of classes will receive a "W" (withdrawn) for the course on their transcript. Students who drop a course after their first ten weeks of classes will receive the grade earned on their transcript .

Students who have paid full fees, and reduce their workload to part time due to individual course withdrawal, may receive a partial tuition refund if they withdraw BEFORE the end of the first ten days of the semester. Requests will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Reception - Q-wing - How can we help

The Front Desk can assist you in making appointments to see the Student Success Advisor and Associate Deans.

You need to see your Student Success Advisor:

  • to get information on college resources including counseling, financial aid, disability services and peer tutoring
  • to get special authorization for failed or missed courses
  • if you are thinking about withdrawing from your program
  • if you are thinking about dropping courses or becoming a part time student
  • if you have not been promoted to the next semester

You need to see your Associate Dean:

  • if you are having problems with a classmate
  • if you are having problems with a professor or coordinator that you have not been able to resolve directly with that individual
  • if you have concerns regarding issues related to:
    • academic appeals
    • human rights
    • student behaviour
    • threats or acts of violence

Instructor and Coordinator

You must email your instructor /coordinator if you would like to see them or set-up an appointment. Instructors and coordinators manage their own schedules and appointments.

Front Desk has an “Instructor Booklet” if do not know your instructor/coordinator email, extension, or room number.

Please note: The front desk will accept assignments to place in the instructor’s mailbox. Any assignments accepted by the front desk must contain:

  • Instructor name
  • Student name
  • Student number

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