Program/Course Withdrawals

How to Drop/Withdraw From a Course

You need to officially drop/withdraw from a Post-Secondary course using MyMohawk


How to Withdraw From a Program

Before you apply to withdraw from a program, students are encouraged to meet with your Student Success Advisor or your Academic Area/Faculty.

To withdraw from a program:
Log into your MyMohawk account under the Registration tab select Request to withdraw.  Once selected, fill in the required details and information for submission.

Withdrawal Timelines:

The timing of the withdrawal will determine what appears on your record: 

  • To have the course(s) removed from your record, you must officially drop/withdraw from the course(s) within the first ten days of classes. 
  • Students who officially drop/withdraw from a course(s) after ten days, but within ten weeks of the start of classes will receive a "W"(withdrawn) for the course(s) on their record.
  • Students who do not officially drop/withdraw from a course(s) before the end of their first ten weeks of classes will receive the grade(s) earned on their record. 

    Can you get your tuition back?

    You could receive a partial tuition refund if:

    • You withdraw before the end of the first ten days of the semester
    • The withdrawal changes your status from a full-time to part-time student
    • You had paid your full fees

    Review the Tuition Refunds page for details. Contact The Square - Student Services at ask [at] for information.