Program/Course Withdrawals

OSAP and Awards
Withdrawing from a course or program can impact your OSAP status and awards eligibility. To understand these impacts before withdrawing, contact Financial Assistance.

Indigenous Students
Indigenous Student Services has supports and resources available for Indigenous students (First Nations, Métis, Inuit). To get more information about these supports including contact information for our Student Services Coaches who can help navigates processes and access to supports visit the Indigenous Student Services web site.

How to Drop/Withdraw From a Course

You need to officially drop/withdraw from a Post-Secondary course using MyMohawk.

How to Withdraw From a Program

Before applying to withdraw from a program, students are encouraged to meet with your Student Success Advisor or your Academic Area/Faculty.

To withdraw from a program:

Log into your MyMohawk account under the Registration tab select Request to withdraw.  Once selected, fill in the required details and information for submission.

Withdrawal Timelines:

The timing of the withdrawal will determine what appears on your academic record: 

  • To have the course(s) removed from your record, you must officially drop/withdraw from the course(s) within the first ten days of classes. 
  • Students who officially drop/withdraw from a course(s) after ten days, but within ten weeks of the start of classes will receive a "W"(withdrawn) for the course(s) on their record.
  • Students who do not officially drop/withdraw from a course(s) before the end of their first ten weeks of classes will receive the grade(s) earned on their record. 

When you withdraw may also impact your T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificate including eligible amounts and claimable months. Learn more on the Income Tax Forms web page. Review your withdraw dates with your Student Success Advisor to understand how the timing of your withdraw impacts your academic record.

Can you get your tuition back?

You could receive a partial tuition refund (issued back to the original payment method)  if:

  • You withdraw before the end of the first ten days of the semester
  • The withdrawal changes your status from a full-time to part-time student
  • You had paid your full fees

Review the Tuition Refunds page for details and the Academic Dates for timelines and program exception calendars. Contact us for more information