Strategies to Get Through Uncertain Times

Here to Help

Consume news and online content mindfully
Consider setting a limit on how much news you take in each day as a way to manage your stress level.

Focus on what you can control
Remember that you only have control over you and your choices. Your choices do make a difference, so try to make ones that feel safe and helpful right now.

Stay on a routine
A daily routine including adequate sleep, self-care, daily movement in the outdoors and eating nutritious foods can make a big difference to your mental health.

Accept your feelings: they are valid
Whatever emotions you are experiencing are understandable and ok. It is normal in times of uncertainty to feel scared and anxious.

Incorporate meditation / prayer when you can
These practices can help ground or centre you by reminding you to be still, take time to breathe, so that you feel a sense of calm and peace.

Reach out for (virtual) connection
In uncertain times it is normal and healthy to crave connection. You can still connect with loved ones and friends and if necessary, professional counselling, online or by phone.

Practice compassion towards yourself and others
While academics are important, now may be a time to shift some attention to getting through each day safely, and taking care of yourself and others.

Channel emotions into creative expression
Uncomfortable feelings may be the fuel you need to express yourself creatively through journaling, poetry, art, music, theatre, or story telling.

Choose reassuring thought/mantra to repeat
Your thoughts can have a big impact on your mood and your behavior. Make an effort to talk to yourself in a kind and reassuring way. Example: “I’m doing the best I can right now.”

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