Tips for Mental Resiliency in Your Job Search

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made looking for work challenging but not impossible. Here are some strategies to keep you mentally resilient for your job search.

Accept your feelings Remind yourself that anxiety and worry about finances, jobs and school are normal right now. Be gentle with yourself.

Stay informed in a balanced way Selectively listen to the media about how to keep healthy and to learn about financial support, job creation programs and industries that are still hiring. Technology, couriers, food delivery companies, essential services, warehouse operations and health care supply companies are some sectors that are hiring.

Manage your energy Sleeping, eating nutritious food, and moving your body are essential to managing your physical and mental well -being and creating energy for your job search.

Focus on what you can control in your job search Now is a good time to optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile and practice doing virtual job interviews. Consider Identifying and researching companies you want to target. Set up virtual networking appointments or join a virtual job search club.

Lead with your strengths You may be a good researcher, communicator or networker. Think about how you can harness these strengths in your job search.

What 3 things are going well in your job search so far and why? This creates positive emotions, gives you momentum and reinforces effective job search strategies.

Remember times when you have managed uncertainty well Moving to a new country for school or studying a new program at college are examples of managing uncertainty. What skills have you learned that will help you manage uncertainty in your job search now?

Develop an optimistic mindset Learned optimism is about how you explain why challenging things happen. Optimism can be learned by remembering that the job market instability is temporary, not your fault and does not define who you are as a person.

Challenge your unhelpful thoughts while doing your job search What would your best friend say to you now? Are your thoughts opinions or facts? Is your way of thinking helpful in making you feel how you want? If not, what self–talk is more helpful?

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