The Mohawk College Counselling team supports academic success by providing options to explore and understand challenges that impact personal well-being and mental health.

Through our free and confidential service, students gain access to a team with expertise in personal, academic, career, and mental health counselling. Counsellors are available who approach their practice from an Indigenous or Intercultural perspective. Our team of registered counsellors empower students to use their strengths and resources to succeed both academically and personally.

Connect to Wellness

Through our Connect to Wellness Program we provide a wide range of counselling and wellness resources for students. Different options meet the needs of different students. Students new to Counselling will meet with the Intake Counsellor to explore options designed to match them to the right services and supports. Some students may benefit from more than one service or from different services at different times.

Connect with our virtual front desk to explore your options:
Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4 pm
Email: hwc [at] (hwc[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca), phone: 905-575-2211

Health & Wellness Campaigns

We offer a variety of programs to support wellness and student success. These general health promotion activities are geared to students and staff who support them. Some examples include:

Initial Consultation

Our Intake Counsellor works together with students to match them to the right services at the right time. Services may be though Mohawk College Counselling Services or through community referrals.

Community referrals for support can be made through Intake or the Wellness Care Coordinator  This may include community mental health and wellness resources or social service programs.

Connections for Resources

Counselling Services can connect students with resources to understand wellness and support skill development. Connections are available to a variety of resources including self-help and online material, Student Assistance Programs (Empower Me), and peer support programs.

Cultivating Skills

Work with a specific counsellor on a regular basis to focus on developing skills to support your personal and academic wellness. Programs are offered in group format and different topics are covered throughout the fall and winter semesters based on student need.

Counselling & Collaboration

Counselling Services provides brief individual counselling to address challenges impacting student success and wellness. To help meet student needs, Counsellors work collaboratively with community agencies, family physicians, Accessible Learning Services, and the Health Centre.

The Counselling team also offers wait list support while students are waiting for outpatient psychiatric/mental health services.

Crisis Care

Counsellors are available to support students in crisis, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4 pm. This may include individual support, wellness check-ins, or referrals.

Students with complex needs may follow up with the Wellness Care Coordinator, who does check-ins and provides practical support to students who are already engaged in multiple community resources.

Read our Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Support page.