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Recruitment 905-575-2460 Future Students webpage


1-844-767-6871 coach [at] (Email Admissions)
International Students 1-888-664-2959 intl.representatives [at] (International Student representative Email)
Scholarships & Financial Aid 1-844-767-6871

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Institutional Information

Student Population:

Mohawk College delivers quality education to more than 32,500 full-time, part-time and apprenticeship students, 575 Indigenous students, 5,275 international students from more than 90 countries and 900 academically at-risk high school students.

New Programs:


Program Changes:

Students interested in the McMaster Nursing program at Mohawk College and Conestoga College will submit their application through OUAC.

What's New:

Mohawk College has retained its position as a top-10 research college in Canada and ranked first in Industry Research Income. This recognition reflects the strength of our research teams, our industry partnerships and our commitment to providing students with a future-ready education. Nearly 350 students worked as paid student-researchers at Mohawk last year. 

Learn more about our newest Educator Resources for classroom use. 

Admissions Information

Selection process for oversubscribed programs:

Eligible applicants to oversubscribed programs, who have applied before the Equal Consideration Date (Feb 1), are ranked by grades of required courses.  We do not publish cut-off scores for oversubscribed programs as they are determined based on the applicant pool and vary from year to year.

Selection process for non-oversubscribed programs:

All eligible applicants who have applied before the Equal Consideration Date (Feb 1) receive an offer of admission.

Grade 11 marks:

When an applicant does not have a midterm or final grade for their Grade 12 requirement(s), we will consider their Grade 11 final grade, when ranking for competitive programs only.

Dual credits/SHSM programs:

Health & Wellness, Design/Engineering, Welding, Media, Automotive and Indigenous Studies complement the existing General Education, Technology, and OYAP programs offered on campus and in secondary schools throughout the Golden Horseshoe and Haldimand-Norfolk communities. Visit

Alternate offers of admission:

Applicants to waitlisted programs, and applicants not eligible to their program of choice who are not pursuing upgrading or testing options, may be sent an alternative offer for a related program.

Supplemental admission requirements:

Additional selection criteria may be used for oversubscribed programs. Examples are portfolios, interviews, résumés, auditions, questionnaires, testing etc.


Information on how C, M or U level courses are considered as part of our admissions process: As per the Ministry’s Binding Policy Directive, all C, M or U level courses are considered equally for the purpose of admissions decisions.

Workplace pathways


Visit Mohawk College

Upgrading pathways


Post-graduate opportunities

Mohawk offers a number of graduate programs. Visit graduate programs including New programs in Digital Health (594) and Project Management (399).

Deferral policy

Not applicable.

International student application process:

With students from around the world enjoying the wide range programs and services offered, you’ll find Mohawk College is truly an exceptional education destination. Visit to learn more.

Students with disabilities

Mohawk has a comprehensive Accessible Learning Services department to support academic accommodations, assistive technology, alternate format, and learning skills for students with disabilities.  

Questions? als [at] (Email Accessible Learning Services) or Phone 905-575-2122

Scholarship & Financial Aid Information

Scholarships, bursary and awards application information and deadlines:

Mohawk College has always offered an affordable education, giving students access to more than $3 million in Mohawk College bursaries, and Ministry-partnered bursaries and scholarships to help meet our student’s financial needs. Each semester, complete your Scholarships and Bursaries Application to be considered for all the awards, bursaries and scholarships available through Mohawk College. The application opens prior to the start of every semester.

Mo' Money Financial Literacy Resource Centre supports students in becoming more confident with their finances. Whether saving for school, making a budget, or planning for a major purchase we can help.

Athletics Information

Varsity teams:

The Mohawk Mountaineer varsity programs are defined by a culture of high-performance, offering 10 competitive sports teams. Visit for more.

Recreational teams:

The David Braley Athletic & Recreation Centre, boasts 20,000 sq. ft. that provides opportunities for extramural, intramural, and drop-in activities for all. Visit for details.

Residence Information

Residence options:

Residence applications open on February 1 each year. Residence provides an excellent opportunity for students to live in a community and build lasting friendships. Spaces are limited, with applications being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

A non-refundable application fee of $100 is due at the time of application. Should a student choose to cancel their application, they must do so before June 15 to avoid cancellation penalties. Visit and click the ‘Apply Now’ on the main page to get started.

General application inquiries can be sent to info [at] (info[at]mohawkresidence[dot]ca).