Create an inclusive workplace

We will create an inclusive campus to ensure an open, accessible, equitable and safe environment for everyone.

Goal Tactic Metrics Timeline
Ensure the sense of belonging for underrepresented groups is at least equal to the overall sense of belonging for all college employees
  • Administer an annual employee survey to assess sense of belonging and barriers to inclusion.
  • Assess sense of belonging of underrepresented groups and look for increases over time.

Fall 2021

Winter 2022

Ensure working and learning spaces are accessible, inclusive, welcoming and responsive to the needs of underserved individuals
  • Conduct an accessibility audit
  • Accessibility audit to provide assessment and recommendations to meet and or exceed AODA standards
Fall 2021
  • Develop an implementation plan to address the recommendations of the accessibility audit 
  • Progress in implementing recommendations from the audit
Summer 2022

The goals and tactics outlined in the college’s EDI Action Plan represent a broad overview of the college’s commitments to EDI. More detailed departmental plans will be available under the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion section on MyMohawk.