Attract and Retain Talent Reflective of Community

We will put processes and systems in place that remove barriers in all Human Resource policies and practices to ensure that Mohawk employees are representative of the diversity within the Hamilton community.

Goal Tactic Metrics Timeline
Increase the representation of Women, 2022 Indigenous Peoples, Black and Racialized Persons, Persons with Disabilities, and Persons who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+ at all levels of the organization
  • Assess diversity among the Board of Governors
  • Set targets for closing any gaps
  • Conduct targeted outreach when filling any new Board positions
Diversity among Board of Governors relative to the external community Spring 2022
  • Conduct an employee demographic survey to identify areas of underrepresentation
  • Proportion of employees in the college workforce from underrepresented groups employed, relative to the external community
Winter 2022
  • Identify and remove barriers in the recruitment and selection process
  • Reduction in the number and extent of the gaps in representation
Spring 2022
  • Set targets for closing any identified gaps in employee representation
  • Proportion of new hires relative to external community
Spring 2022

The goals and tactics outlined in the college’s EDI Action Plan represent a broad overview of the college’s commitments to EDI. More detailed departmental plans will be available under the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion section on MyMohawk. Watch for detailed department plans to be posted soon.