Develop and Implement Equity & Inclusion Framework

We will ensure that policies are reviewed and updated to identify and remove systemic barriers to participation and advancement of underrepresented groups utilizing an equity and inclusion framework and equity lens.

Goal Tactic Metrics Timeline
Develop and implement an equity and inclusion framework and equity lens to guide the college in the implementation of EDI goals
  • Conduct a series of consultations with employees, students and college community to gather feedback and input
  • Draft EDI framework and equity lens completed
Fall 2021
  • Establish a number of task forces to help identify issues and barriers experienced by underserved and underrepresented groups
  • Formation  of task forces
  • Work Plan developed
  • Research and data collection completed

Winter 2021

Winter 2022

Summer 2022


The goals and tactics outlined in the college’s EDI Action Plan represent a broad overview of the college’s commitments to EDI. More detailed departmental plans will be available under the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion section on MyMohawk.