Celebration of Learning FAQ

When is the Celebration of Learning?

The Celebration of Learning is held annually in March.  

Where is the Celebration of Learning?

The Celebration of Learning is held annually at Carmen’s Banquet Centre. Transportation from the College is available.

Who can receive an award?

Any student registered with Mohawk College has the opportunity to receive an award. Students may be nominated multiple times for multiple awards; however, students are only eligible to receive ONE Celebration of Learning award per academic year.

How do I win an award?

There are two ways to be recognized at the Celebration of Learning. Students can self-nominate OR students, staff, or faculty can nominate a student they feel has made an outstanding contribution to the Mohawk College community. Award recipients will be selected by the area presenting the award.

Who can nominate a student for an award?

Any member of the Mohawk College community (students, faculty, staff, community partners) can nominate a student for an award.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes. Self-nomination is encouraged.

If I receive an award, will I have to make a speech?

No. You will be presented with your award on stage, but you will not be required to speak.

Is there any monetary value to any of the awards offered at the Celebration of Learning?

No. The Celebration of Learning grants recognition only. Students are encouraged to use Celebration of Learning awards as resume builders.

When do nominations open?

The call for nominations goes out in the Fall semester. The nomination period closes in the Winter semester. For further details please review the nomination criteria and form.

How can I nominate a student?

Nominate a student for an award until January 10, 2020

How can I nominate myself?

Nominate yourself for an award until January 10, 2020

What awards are available?

View award criteria

Can I nominate more than one student?

Yes. You may nominate multiple students for multiple awards. If you are self-nominating, you may self-nominate for more than one award.

How will winners be notified?

Award recipients will be notified via email by a Mohawk College staff member from Student Life.