Accessibility Feedback

You can help make Mohawk a more accessible campus!

Leave your comments, questions, experiences or challenges, such as:

  • Thanks for the improved access to the residence.
  • How do I request an alternate format of a brochure?
  • It was beneficial to have an ASL interpreter at my orientation.
  • I was very frustrated when the automatic door opener was not working in the ___ wing.

Please include an email address if a response is desired.

If you are leaving feedback on the 3D Tactile Map:

  • Were you able to feel the difference between the textures on the map and/or legend?
  • Was it easy to identify the campus wings on the map through their unique feel?
  • Do the contrasting colours of black and white help to differentiate between map features?
  • Does the map make it possible for you to find your way around the campus?
  • What other comments or feedback do you have?

Comment cards are also available at:

  • The Square (Fennell)
  • Student Services (IAHS at McMaster & Stoney Creek)
  • Human Resources
  • Student Engagement and Employment
  • MSA