Booking Instructions for Students

Please note:                        

  • Appointments must be booked at least 7 days in advance
  • You must have the following information prior to booking:
    Student ID, Mohawk College email, instructor name, course code, course name, date and time the test is being administered in class, test room location and duration
  • It would be also be beneficial to have a copy of your Accommodation Letter or CAAP accessible during the booking process as you will be required to enter your approved testing accommodations


HOW TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT  (Only for Students with an Accommodation Letter or CAAP Testing Accommodations)

  1. Login to MyMohawk ( using your Student ID and your password
  2. Click on the Academics tab
  3. Locate Accessible Learning Services
  4. Click ‘Book tests and exams’
  5. Please read through the test booking policies and instructions carefully
  6. Enter student information, your instructor's FULL name and test/exam information.  Please note that class location refers to where the rest of your class will be writing the test.
  7. Enter the date and time the class will be writing the test.  If you will be writing on an alternate date or time WITH PERMISSION FROM YOUR INSTRUCTOR, check the checkbox and enter the information.  You may then enter the length of the test the class is permitted and percentage of extra time (as indicated on your Accommodation Letter or CAAP).
  8. Enter your accommodations (as indicated on your Accommodation Letter or CAAP).  For additional accommodation not listed on the page, please enter under ‘Additional Accommodations.’
  9. IMPORTANT: review your test information and then CLICK ‘BOOK TEST/EXAM’
  10. Check your Mohawk College email to ensure you have received a confirmation email.  This email confirms your appointment with the Testing Centre.