KPI and Graduate Survey Results

Mohawk's 2016-2017 KPI Results

Mohawk Province
Student KPI Satisfaction and Engagement Survey 1. Overall KPI Student Satisfaction 77% 76.5%
Graduate KPI Outcomes Survey 2. Graduate Satisfaction Rate 78.3% 78.8%
3. Graduate Employment Rate 86% 83%
Employer KPI Satisfaction Survey 4. Employer Satisfaction Rate 84.3% 91.2%
Graduation Rate 5. Graduation Rate 65.0% 66.6%

What are the KPIs?

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and its publicly funded colleges have defined five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure, in a consistent manner across the college system, college performance against ministry stated goals and objectives. The five KPIs are:

  1. Student Satisfaction
  2. Graduate Satisfaction
  3. Graduate Employment
  4. Employer Satisfaction
  5. Graduation Rate

Four of the five indicators are determined through the three annual Key Performance Indicator (KPI) surveys administered at all 24 Ontario colleges each year by an independent research firm for the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU). Students, graduates and employers are surveyed to measure their satisfaction with the programs, facilities and services offered by Colleges in Ontario and will provide an indication of how well these needs are being met.

The results of the surveys will also provide information about areas of strength or concern so that institutions can develop strategies for improvement. The 5 KPI results are posted on Colleges Ontario (opens new window) website and on each of the college's websites.

How are KPI results collected and compiled?

Students: Student satisfaction surveys are completed in-class at all Ontario colleges and the results are then compiled by survey consulting firm, CCI Research.

Graduates: Each term, all colleges provide the consulting firm, Forum Research a list of graduates. These graduates will be surveyed by phone six months after graduation. In addition to being asked about graduate satisfaction with their programs and services while at Mohawk College, graduates are asked about their employment status, which provides information for the Graduate Employment KPI including if you have chosen to further your education.

Graduates' Employers: As a part of the graduate satisfaction survey, graduates are asked for permission to contact their supervisor. If permission is granted, every effort is made by the consulting firm to contact the graduate's employer within five weeks after completing the survey. Graduate's employer will not be contacted without the graduate's consent. The purpose of the employer satisfaction survey is to assess the performance of the college, not the graduate.

Graduation Rate: Graduation rate is calculated annually by the college as defined by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Graduation rate is based on tracking individual students who entered a program of instruction in a particular enrolment reporting period and assessing how many of those individuals completed the program a number of years later. For each program of instruction, students who transfer out are removed from the group that is being tracked, and those who transfer in are added.

The normal program duration used to establish a student's program completion time frame equals approximately 200 per cent of the normal program duration. For example, the 2015-2016 graduation rate is based on students who started one-year programs in 2013-2014, two-year programs in 2011-2012, and three-year programs in 2009-2010, and who graduated by the 2014-2015 academic year.

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