Payment Options

Mohawk and the MSA will continue to review fees for the Winter 2021 semester to ensure that ancillary fees charged are equitable and support student success and wellness. In the event that services supported by ancillary fees cannot be adequately delivered, students will be notified of any changes or refunds to their ancillary fees. To review ancillary fee descriptions and an up to date list of the fees being charged, please visit the Compulsory Ancillary Fees page.

NEW as of Fall 2020

New (domestic) and returning (domestic and international) students: Your Fee Statement will be sent to your Mohawk e-mail only. Learn more about your fee statement by reviewing the My Fee Statement page.

Payment options

When you receive your Fee Statement you must choose one of the following options in order to secure your seat and select your timetable. Once you select your timetable you will be prompted to pay the balance or defer your fees (if eligible) in order to save your timetable selection and formally register. Your total balance owing may change if you do not select a full course load at the time of registration.

Are you an international student? Visit the International website for more information. 

Option A: Pay the total balance

Pay the total amount owing by the tuition deposit deadline indicated on your Fee Statement. The tuition deposit is applied to the balance due for the term when selecting your timetable to register.

Option B: Pay the tuition deposit by the due date and the balance when you select your timetable to register

A tuition deposit is required once per academic year or when switching programs. Domestic students pay the $250 non-refundable tuition deposit (applicable as of Fall 2020 for the 2020/21 academic year only) by the due date on your Fee Statement. The non-refundable tuition deposit is not covered by OSAP. A $150 deposit late fee will be charged after the due date listed on your Fee Statement (OSAP and non-OSAP students). Payments made after the due date do not guarantee a spot in the program. Please contact a Student Services Representative when paying past the tuition deposit due date to confirm space remains in the program.

Next, you’ll need to pay the balance of your full tuition and ancillary fees when you select your timetable to register. Or, if you are applying for OSAP, you may defer the balance of your fees owing by providing verification of your OSAP eligibility.

International returning students are required to pay a deposit of $2,200. Refer to the Registration and Fee Guide for International Students for more information.

Option C: External sponsorship

If your education is being funded by an employer or agency, please submit a letter from your sponsor with your fee statement to Accounting by your tuition deposit due date noted on your Fee Statement. Alternatively, your sponsor can send a sponsorship letter to Accounting by fax at 905-575-2330 or email at arsponsors [at] Receipt of your sponsorship letter by the tuition deposit deadline will secure your seat in your program and enable you to select your timetable to register.

SECOND CAREER APPLICANTS: You must submit your signed Ministry contract to arsponsors [at] prior to timetable selection in order register without paying a tuition deposit or balance owing. If timetable selection opens before your contract has been submitted and you attempt to register you will be prompted to make a tuition deposit payment and pay the balance owing.

NOTE: Your sponsor may not cover some fees. Check with your sponsoring agency or institution. The student is responsible for any fees not covered by the sponsor.

Ways to pay

Payment must be received at Mohawk before timetable selection can take place. Fee payment can be made using the following methods.

Electronic Banking

Present your SBID number (on your fee statement) to your banking institution. Allow 5-7 business days prior to your due date for processing to avoid late fees.


Credit card payments can be made through your MyMohawk account. Log in to your MyMohawk account at Select the Finances tab, navigate to the Make a Payment section and click Pay Online.

International Students

New and first semester students: Use Flywire to make payments from outside of Canada. For more information on how to use Flywire visit the visit the International Students Payment Methods web page.

Returning international students: use electronic banking (available at most major banking institutions) or make credit card payments online through MyMohawk. Refer to your fee statement or the International Students Payment Methods page for more details on options available to returning students making payments from within Canada. Returning international students may use Flywire if making a payment from outside of Canada.

Terms and Definitions

Ancillary fees

Learn more about ancillary and the services they support on Mohawk's compulsory ancillary fee page and

Bus pass fee

Read more about the bus pass fee at

Health and dental plan fee

The Mohawk Students’ Association (MSA) provides students with extended health and dental coverage as well as other services not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) including prescription drugs, vision and dental care, and more. The plan can also be extended to a spouse or dependents. Already have coverage? You may choose to opt out. Visit to learn more

Holdback fee

Students who choose to withdraw from the college must formally withdraw by the tenth day of class to be eligible for a tuition refund less a $250 holdback fee. The holdback for new or returning students prior to Fall 2020 remains $500 where applicable. Review Academic and Important Dates to confirm the date for your program. Some programs follow an exception calendar with different dates. Lack of attendance or OSAP denial does not constitute a formal withdrawal. Students who withdraw after the tenth day of class are responsible for paying their full fees for the semester.

Late fees

Colleges in Ontario must follow the Ministry Tuition Policy that includes charging a $150 late fee for all missed payment due dates. Avoid late fees by paying your fees by the due date. Review Academic and Important Dates.

Mohawk Students’ Association (MSA) Fees

These fees support the operations of the MSA’s services, including the Health and Dental Plan, student transit pass and academic, counselling and career services. The MSA also offers services for Student Events and Activities, Student Clubs, Student Food Bank and Mohawk Students’ Association advocacy that are supported by ancillary fees. The MSA is operated by students for students.

OSAP balance due date

If you are an OSAP student, you will need to pay the required $250 tuition deposit by the due date indicated on your Fee Statement, and the balance of your fees by the OSAP balance due date. Refer to the Academic and Important Dates web page for dates. A $150 deferral balance owing late fee will be applied after this date. If your available OSAP funding does not cover all of your outstanding fees, it is your responsibility to pay the difference prior to your Mohawk College invoice due date to avoid late payment fees.