Payment Options

When you receive your Fee Statement you must choose one of the following options. Your total amount owing will change if you opt out of optional ancillary fees when you select your timetable to register.

Option A: Pay the total balance

Pay the total amount owing by the tuition deposit deadline indicated on your Fee Statement.

Option B: Pay the tuition deposit by the due date

Returning students refer to your fee statement to determine if a deposit is required. New students pay the $500 non-refundable tuition deposit by the due date on your Fee Statement. The non-refundable tuition deposit is not covered by OSAP. A $150 deposit late fee will be charged after the due date listed on your Fee Statement (OSAP and non-OSAP students). Payments made after the due date do not guarantee a spot in the program. Please contact a Student Services Coach at coach [at] when paying past the tuition deposit due date to confirm space remains in the program.

Next, you’ll need to pay the balance of your full tuition to select your timetable and register. Or, if you are applying for OSAP, you may defer the balance of your fees owing by providing verification of your OSAP eligibility.

Option C: External Sponsorship

If your education is being funded by an employer or agency, please submit a letter from your sponsor with your fee statement to Accounting by your tuition deposit due date. Alternatively, your sponsor can send a sponsorship letter to Accounting by fax at 905-575-2330 or email at arsponsors [at] Receipt of your sponsorship letter by the tuition deposit deadline will secure your seat in your program and enable you to select your timetable to register.

NOTE: Your sponsor may not cover optional ancillary fees. Check with your sponsoring agency or institution prior to selecting your optional fees. The student is responsible for any fees not covered by the sponsor.