Mohawk Email for Students

Sign into Student Email using your MohawkID

Updates to popular web browsers have introduced an issue that prevents access to Mohawk Webmail. Follow the instructions below to sign into your email using your MohawkID.

Students: Access email using your browser

  1. Go to your cloud mailbox through Microsoft Outlook login (new window). Bookmark this link for later use.
  2. Enter your MohawkID using this format: 000101060 [at]
    You must enter your MohawkID followed by
  3. Enter your MohawkID password

Important note: DO NOT use your MohawkID as an email address. You will not receive emails. Your proper email address contains your first and last name. Examples are given below.

Students can access their e-mail in several different ways. When corresponding with other members of the college community, it is expected that you use your Mohawk College email account.

Get started with the Mohawk E-mail Guide for Students⤻ from the Library.

What is my Mohawk e-mail address?

Your Mohawk e-mail address uses your first and last name and may include numbers or dashes. Do not use your 9-digit MohawkID as an e-mail address.

  • firstname.lastname [at]

  • firstname.lastname# [at]

  • firstname.last-name [at]

  • first-name.lastname [at]

  • firstname.last-name# [at]

  • first-name.lastname# [at]

  • firstinitial.lastname [at] (e.g. c.smith [at]

How do I access my Mohawk e-mail online?

How do I add my Mohawk e-mail to an IOS or Android device?

What's the external e-mail disclaimer?

External sender e-mail disclaimer

The external e-mail disclaimer makes it easy to recognize messages sent from non-college e-mail addresses. Always use caution when opening emails from unknown, unexpected, or external senders. 

If you're unsure about a suspicious e-mail, or believe your account might be compromised in any way, contact the IT Service Desk immediately.