Assessments for Success

Preparing for College Success

Congratulations on your offer of admission and welcome to Mohawk College!

  • Assessments for Success are designed to assess your skills and help you succeed; they do not affect your offer of admission.
  • Completing your assessment early will help you succeed by ensuring that you are placed in the Communications course that is right for you.
  • Based on your program, the Communications Assessment may exempt you from one or more of your required Communications courses.
  • As well, if your program requires Math, the assessment will determine any recommended developmental work and may be used to determine exemption eligibility.

Get Set for Winter Session

Get Set sessions are being offered by appointment only. This session will help you understand important deadlines for tuition and registration, show you how to navigate our online systems including MyMohawk and eLearn, review the ‘Top Ten’ tips for success at Mohawk and answer your questions. If you would like more information about Get Set for January please email coach [at] ().

Please visit for instructions on how to book .

Assessing early will give you more timetable options.