COVID-19 Compliance Measures


Due to the evolving impact of the COVID-19 public health situation, the College has published requirements and guidance to protect the health and safety of the College community. Learning and working together means that we are committed to the well-being of all community members, and we agree to make choices with integrity that benefit community safety. Adherence to these protocols applies to all students and employees.

Minor & Accidental Breaches

Reminders will generally serve as the first form of action when enforcing expectations. Education is the principal and preferred tool for compliance. The student will receive educational materials on the importance of following preventative guidelines and resources available, including access to a mask(s) if needed.

Within classrooms and labs, employees are encouraged to model, promote and monitor for public health and safety compliance. At their discretion, they may address minor or accidental breaches (i.e. maintaining physical distancing, wearing a mask, social gathering size) of this requirement by reminding and educating the individual on the expectations; or they may refer breaches to Security Services or the Student Rights & Responsibilities Office.

Within common areas, Security Services is responsible for compliance monitoring, along with any other access-restricted areas. Security Services may document student information and the incident.

The Student Rights and Responsibilities Office (SRRO) has the right to issue a warning should reminders not bring about compliance, or a secondary concern/behaviour is present.  A written notice serves three purposes: to draw awareness to behaviour which can fall under college policies, to offer supports and resources, and lastly to communicate that future behaviour can lead to a formal complaint under the Student Behaviour Policy and if warranted, formal outcomes (consequences).

Repeated or Severe Incidents

Reminders and warnings will not be issued in all situations. Incidents of sufficient seriousness (i.e. cooperation with staff, deliberate disregard for health and safety measures) will trigger a requirement to meet with a SRRO Specialist and the Student Behaviour Policy may be initiated, with the College serving as the complainant. Security Services or the SRRO will document student information and the incident. These reports will be shared with a SRRO Specialist who will inform the student of the allegation, hear their account of the incident, and determine a finding of responsibility. If found responsible, the SRRO will issue outcomes (consequences).

Immediate Safety Risks

Should a student present an immediate safety threat through refusal or failure to comply, they will be removed from campus by Security Services as an immediate interim measure. The incident will be documented and reported to the SRRO. The process for severe incidents, as described above will take place. Cases may be escalated to the Director, SRRO, for adjudication. Outcomes at this level may impact a student’s academic status such as the suspension of campus access privileges or suspension from an academic program.

Record Keeping

Incidents will be reported to SRRO for record keeping until the COVID-19 pandemic is deemed by Mohawk and the Province of Ontario to have concluded and will remain on file as outlined in the Student Behaviour Policy.