Your COVID-19 Rights & Responsibilities

students walking in front of Fennell campus

We are a community. The health and safety of our campus community are our highest priorities. It is everyone’s collective responsibility to keep the health and safety of fellow students and employees in mind.

Your Rights: 

You have the right to be informed.

The College has the responsibility to keep the community informed of new and existing measures put in place to protect the health and safety of the community.

You have the right to prioritize your health.

Students who are unable to attend classes due to health concerns or who have not been approved to be on campus via the Mohawk Safety App, should contact their faculty member directly to plan out their academic program and determine what accommodations can be made. The College and faculty members want to help you succeed in your program.

You have the right to have your needs accommodated.

Accommodation will be provided to people who cannot wear a mask or face covering for medical reasons, and those who require accommodations in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

If you require accommodation exemption with respect to wearing a mask, please contact equityandinclusion [at] (subject: Mask%20Accommodation%20Exemption) (Equity and Inclusion).  

The Ministry of Colleges and Universities Postsecondary Education Health Measures Framework for Fall 2021 allows for limited exemptions to the vaccination requirements. If you require accommodation exemption with respect to vaccine requirements, please contact healthycampus [at] (subject: Vaccine%20Exemption%20Request) (Healthy Campus)

You have the right to a safe learning, working and living environment.

The College has put several measures in place to protect the health and well-being of our students and employees. Beginning in September 2021, all Mohawk College campuses will be open to students and employees with current Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and physical distancing requirements in place. To gain access to campus, you must show proof that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have received an exemption. 

You have the right to consult with the Student Rights & Responsibilities Office (SRRO) to address concerns and/or initiate a complaint regarding public health standards and compliance.

The SRRO will engage with students who do not comply with these necessary public health and safety standards. Education is the principal and preferred tool for compliance. Incidents of sufficient seriousness (i.e. deliberate disregard for health and safety measures) may result in the formal review and the student may lose the privilege of attending campus. Students engaged in a formal review or complaint will be afforded their right to procedural fairness.

Employees who do not comply with these necessary public health and safety standards will be managed through their immediate supervisor and Human Resources.

You have the right to a reasonable environment.

The College or a member of the community can initiate a formal complaint under the Residence Code of Conduct or the Student Behaviour Policy., should they observe a lack of adherence to any Covid-19 protocols. 


Your Responsibilities:

You are expected to take care of yourself and the safety of others.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in respecting the new rules that are in place around social gatherings, interactions and the use of personal protective equipment.

You have a responsibility to stay informed

Students have a responsibility to inform themselves on the various, often changing, measures being put in place for their safety and the safely of others. You are expected to check your Mohawk College email address for important information. 

The College will continue to provide education and updates to the community through these means.

You are responsible for participating in public health prevention measures.

Mohawk College is requiring all students, employees and visitors to campus wear a college-supplied face mask at all times while on campus. The disposable face masks will be provided to you when you arrive on campus and can be replaced upon request at any time.

In addition to wearing a face mask, all students, employees and visitors to campus will be required to wear eye protection while in classrooms and labs, or any space where it is not always possible to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet). The requirement to wear face masks with eye protection will remain in place until the end of the Fall 2021 semester, at which time it will be reviewed. While the college encourages the use of eye protection in addition to wearing a face mask at all times while on campus, they are not mandatory in spaces where physical distancing can be maintained such as hallways and common areas.

Depending on the lab or class that you are in, you may be required to wear an impact resistant face shield and face mask. In these cases, Mohawk will you with a new face shield that meets the CSA standard.

You are expected to be understanding, caring and cooperative.

You are expected to be respectful of those who cannot wear a mask by maintaining a minimum of 6 feet or 2 metre distance from these individuals.

You are expected to be responsive and cooperative with College staff who are responsible for enforcing public health measures and ensuring the safety of our community.

You are expected to comply with government directives.

The governments of Canada and Ontario have issued various guidelines and restrictions related to COVID-19. You are responsible for monitoring and adhering to travel restrictions and self-isolation requirements as issued by the Province of Ontario and the federal Quarantine Act.

Student compliance off campus will be enforced by local bylaws as well as provincial and federal law as applicable. In certain circumstances, if a student’s off campus conduct adversely affects the health and safety of Mohawk College’s on campus community, action may be taken under the Student Behaviour Policy. The College has a responsibility to also inform authorities. 

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