Frequently Asked Questions:

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If the FAQs below do not answer your questions please reach out to us for further consultation. 

1) What should I do if I am concerned about a student's well-being?

You have options. If you feel the student is coping but may be in need of support you can refer them to Counselling services specifically or to the SRRO to help them review their various options for support.

If you feel as though the nature of your concern for the student falls outside the scope of your role, the SRRO can assist you in determining appropriate resources and supports, both on and off-campus. Call or email us.

If you are supporting a student experiencing a mental health crisis and you are concerned for their safety and/or well-being; please contact Mohawk Security (ext. 2003) or the Hamilton Crisis Outreach and Support Team at 1-844-972-8338.

You may also want to share Good 2 Talk with the student a 24/7/365 free, confidential student support line.  

2) What should I do if a student is being disruptive in class?

Find an appropriate time to address the student’s behaviour directly. Name the specific behaviour. Be clear in your need and expectation for the behaviour to stop. Inform them about how the behaviour is impacting you and/or the learning environment. Consider referring to the course syllabus and/or classroom expectations to help the student understand why their behaviour is being addressed. SRRO can provide resources to support you in documenting the conversation and providing follow-up to the student.

3) When should I contact the SRRO about a student issue?

Early intervention is key to a positive and supportive resolution for all parties involved. If you are unsure about what to do, if it is something that you are not comfortable addressing yourself, or if the issue is of a repetitive nature please contact us. 

4) When should I report something to Security vs. SRRO?

If you need immediate support for a real-time incident; contact Mohawk Security. If the behaviour has already taken place and is alleged to be of a violent nature or an imminent threat of violence you should report the matter immediately to Mohawk Security. If the issue does not meet these criteria you can seek support in determining a desired resolution from the SRRO.

5) Should I document my interactions with a student?

Yes, if you address a student’s behaviour in person, you should follow it up with an email to the student outlining the behaviour, why it was disruptive and what you agreed upon moving forward. Reiterate your expectations and remember to keep the email concise and to the point. The SRRO has documentation resources and templates you can request. Contact us for information.

6) What do I do if a student wants to make a complaint about another student?

It’s important to identify what the student (complainant) is looking for support with. Depending on the answer,  you can take the following approaches:

  1.  If you are comfortable doing so, you can have a conversation with the other student to address the issue(s). Ensuring to document your conversation. 
  2. If you are not comfortable doing so, if the behaviour is repetitive, or if the behaviour is of a violent, threatening or illegal nature; you should direct the student to make a report to Mohawk Security or Student Rights and Responsibilities Office.
  3. If the student involved wants to remain anonymous or you feel their desired resolution is not fitting to the incident; call the SRRO for a consult.

7) If the behaviour continues after taking the suggested steps from a consultation, can I file a complaint?

Yes, you can always report an incident. If the behaviour is repetitive it should be brought to the attention of the SRRO.


8) Will you tell me if my students are involved with your office?

No, we will not reach out to you unless you are directly involved or we have consent to do so from the involved parties.

9) Will you tell me the outcome of a complaint I filed?

We will follow up with you to let you know that the matter has been resolved. We will only share relevant information as it pertains to you in your role while upholding a students privacy and confidentiality.


10) Will you come to my class and address the behaviour of my entire class?

We are happy to consult with you about how to address situations in the classroom including strategies and resources. The best person in a position to address the classroom behaviour is you as the "classroom manager."


11) Will you come and give a presentation to my class?

Yes, we currently offer presentations on:

  1. Conflict Resolution
  2. Consent Education
  3. Bystander Intervention

If you are looking for other topics please feel free to contact us.


12) How can I set my classroom and students up for success?

The Student Rights and Responsibilities Office is a resource to the Mohawk Community. We are always working on developing content to help support our community. You can view the text version of these resources here.

If you would like a PDF versions of any of these resources please contact srro [at] (srro[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)

  1. NETIQUETTE - a resource to support students working in an online learning environment. 
  2. Faculty Tip Sheet for Public Health Compliance - we've highlighted your role in helping to support and promote compliance measures in our tip sheet and what you can do if students aren't meeting our community standards.