Report an incident

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Need to Report an Incident?

Please contact us at SRRO [at] (subject: Report%20an%20incident, body: Please%20include%3A%0A-%20nature%20of%20%20issue%0A-%20Students%20names%0A-%20student%20numbers%20%0A-%20how%20best%20to%20contact%20you) (SRRO[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca) or extension 2181 to report an incident.

We approach student issues from a complainant driven approach. This means we want to understand the impacts the behaviours had and how you would like to see it resolved. Issues can be resolved informally or formally depending on the nature of the matter.

Resolution Pathways:

Informal Resolution Pathways:

We strive to respect what you want! How are you hoping to resolve the matter at hand? An informal approach allows you, the Complainant, to guide the process. In these scenarios, we can help address the behaviour with the student directly, craft a response with you, offer to mediate, caution or warn the student, and connect you (or the student directly) with campus and/or community resources.

Formal Resolution Pathways:

Members of the community can also file a formal complaint under the following policies:

  1. Student Behaviour Policy
  2. Student Human Rights Policy
  3. Sexual Assault and Sexualized Violence Policy 

A formal resolution pathway involves following a process as outlined within the specific policy which helps ensure a procedurally fair process. This starts by collecting the facts and gaining the perspective of all parties involved. The information collected and will be used to determine if there has been a violation of the named policy. A decision is issued in writing to the responding party and appropriate outcomes (consequences) are assigned to help the student learn and develop if found responsible.

How to Make a Proper Referral:

When you are reporting an issue to the SRRO, it is helpful to provide certain pieces of information that will help us triage the situation, understand how to support you and those involved, and work toward resolving the matter. We cannot initiate a formal complaint process without a fulsome understanding of the details of a case and your desired outcomes.

Consider including sharing the following information with SRRO:

  • Date and Time of the incident
  • Where the incident took place
  • Who was present?
  • What occurred; please be specific
  • How did the incident impact you and those involved
  • Are you looking to make an informal or formal complaint?
  • What do you think is an appropriate outcome for the respondent(s)
  • Please include any attachments (ie. Emails, screenshots etc.)