Entrepreneurship Resources


Looking for additional information about launching a part-time or full-time business? We've curated a list of the best resources for College Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Support in Hamilton

Are you looking for entrepreneurship advice and support? While SURGE works primarily with current students and alumni, there are many other partners in the Hamilton and Burlington Entrepreneurship Ecosystem which can work with you with or without a referral from SURGE.

Entrepreneurship at Mohawk College

Over 2000 students are enrolled in entrepreneurship courses at Mohawk. Our flagship entrepreneurship programs are:


Explore below to see the wide range of programs that include entrepreneurship content.

Program Course
Accessible Media Production - 390 MCOM10237: Business Applications & Entrepreneurship
Applied Music - 660
MUSC10108: Music Entrepreneurship and Portfolio Development
Architectural Technology - 531 BUSNBA107: Entrepreneurial Training
Business (General) - 320 BUSNBA532: Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
Business Administration - 632 BUSNBA532: Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
Computer Systems Technician - Software Support - 548 - 558 BUSN10123: Entrepreneurship in Today's World
Computer Systems Technology - Software Development - 559 BUSN10123: Entrepreneurship in Today's World
Construction Engineering Technician - Building Renovation - 462 BUSNBA107: Entrepreneurial Training
Creative Photography - Still and Motion - 277 PHTO10032: Business of Photography
General Arts and Science (University Transfer- 208) (College Transfer- 230) SSCI10055: Social Entrepreneurship
Global Business Management (International Only) - 967 SBMGSB101: Intro To Small Business And Entrepreneurship
SBMG10013: Managing The Small Business
Graphic Design - 508 GRAP10202: Entrepreneurial Business Strategies
Health, Wellness and Fitness - 268 MGMT10084: Career Management for HWF Professionals
Journalism - 297 MCOM10229: Media Entrepreneurship
Massage Therapy - 469 HLTH10175: Professional Practice:MT
Motive Power Fundamentals - 187 CRED10094: Career Advancement
Motive Power Technician - 446 CRED10094:Career Advancement
Paralegal - 285 BUSN10097: Practice Management/Operating a Small Business

Investor/Funding Options

Funding Resources


Pitch Competitions
Pitch competitions provide you with a chance to pitch your product or business idea to a panel of judges who provide feedback and can award cash or in-kind prizes.

Crowdfunding is a way of funding new products or businesses by or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people.


Angel Investors
Angel Investors provide capital for startups in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt.

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