Health, Wellness and Fitness - 268

Ontario College Diploma
Two years
OSAP Checkmark OSAP Eligible
Implement exercise programs, nutritional plans and wellness strategies for clients of varying fitness levels.

Program Highlights

  • Field placements in a variety of settings such as recreational therapy centres, varsity teams, physiotherapy clinics, school boards, retirement residences, large corporate gyms, small private businesses and more.
  • Experiential learning and events in collaboration with industry partners including Fit to Pitch and Wellness Expo.
  • Experience a cadaver lab tour at McMaster University
  • Students may challenge industry certifications
  • Many pathways to further education
  • Get involved in special events and volunteer opportunities.

What you'll learnx

  • Strategies to improve quality of life for people of various ages and abilities.
  • Work with specialists of specific populations such as emergency service personnel, children, older adults, pregnant women or those with increased medical risk factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Study topics such as athletic injury management, sport psychology and exercise physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, wellness management strategies and many more.

Program Length

2 academic years (periods of 8 months)

Fast Track - allows students to complete a two-year Diploma program in 16 months. Students will start in January and be in school for four continuous semesters: Winter, Spring/Summer, Fall and Winter. Students will not be off during the summer.

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Domestic and International student admission requirements

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Language Requirements for Applicants with English as a Second Language

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Tuition and Fees

2023 - 2024 Domestic Tuition and Fees

DescriptionSemester 1Semester 2

Compulsory Ancillary Fees

Co-op FeesN/AN/A

Compulsory Program Fees

Domestic Tuition$1,354.04$1,354.04
Total Domestic Charges Per Semester$2,218.64$2,225.50
Total 1st Year Fees$4,444.14

Above fees based on full-time September program start date. Contact Student Services to confirm fees for other start dates or semesters.

2023 - 2024 International Tuition and Fees

DescriptionSemester 1Semester 2

Total Tuition & Ancillary Fees

Co-op FeesN/AN/A

Program Compulsory Fees

International Tax Recovery$450.00$375.00
Total International Charges Per Semester$8,805.00$8,843.00
Total 1st Year Fees$17,648.00

If you pay by wire transfer, please note your bank might charge you a fee to transfer money. Make sure your transfer includes the Mohawk payment and the wire transfer fee. This applies to each wire transfer payment you make.

Additional Information

Financial Assistance

When it comes to paying for your education, investing in your future can be more affordable than you think. A Mohawk education is one of the most cost-effective means of acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to have a prosperous and rewarding career. 

As you start on your chosen career path, it's important to have a realistic set of expectations regarding the expenses associated with attending college. In addition to your tuition fees, you will also need to budget for books, supplies, housing, and other related living expenses. You may be able to supplement your income and savings with scholarships, bursaries, or loans. It pays to do some research into what types of financial assistance you may qualify for.

Available Financial Assistance Resources:

Apply for Awards:

By submitting a Scholarships and Bursaries Application every semester, students have access to over $3 million in Mohawk College scholarships, bursaries and Ministry-partnered funding to help meet their financial needs.

Financial Literacy and Money Coaching:

Whether saving for school, sticking to a budget, or planning for a major purchase, financial literacy affects us all. That's why Mo' Money is committed to helping our students improve their money skills and become more confident with their money.

Course Overview & Descriptions

Click on the course title for a course description.

Experiential Learning

How you'll gain skills

Field placements

  • Provides an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience with real clients in a variety of settings including health screening and assessments, coaching and health promotion activities that encourage lifestyle change
  • Field placements may occur at locations that are not accessible by public transit.  As such, students shall be expected to either have access to a car or the ability to supply their own transportation when attending field placement activity. Mohawk shall not be responsible for providing students with transportation to field placements 
  • Applicants are advised that there are specific requirements that must be completed prior to participating in a field placement and that it is their responsibility to ensure the requirements are met
  • Numerous fitness based placements in a variety of settings: community, not-for-profit, physiotherapy, fitness facility, hospitals and clinics, youth athletics, etc.
  • Accepted applicants are required to have the following completed prior to field placement and are responsible for the associated costs:
    • Standard First Aid
    • CPR recertification required annually while in the program
    • Up to date appropriate police check
  • Registered students who have been convicted of an offence under the criminal code for which they have not been pardoned may be denied the opportunity to enter or continue in a placement while in the program
  • Contact the Health, Wellness, and Fitness program area for more information.

To learn more, please visit the Centre for Experiential Learning. 

the clinic

The Clinic provides the opportunity for Professionals in Training to gain hands-on skills in our first-class teaching clinic to garner Future Ready Massage Therapists and Qualified Exercise Professionals. Students are supervised by Registered Massage Therapists and Qualified Exercise Professionals as they provide safe and effective treatments and training to their clients. Visit The Clinic

Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes, often referred to as ‘Program Standards', set out the essential learning that a student must achieve before being deemed ready to graduate.

In many cases these program learning outcomes were developed by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) in consultation with employers and educators who are experts in the program field. To ensure the outcomes remain current and in line with industry needs, we invite our employers, graduates working in the field and current students to re-examine and update them during regular, ongoing program review focus groups.

Career Opportunities

Your future career options

  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Fitness Facility Manager/Owner
  • Nutritionist
  • Health Coach

Where you could work includes:

  • Professional Health and Wellness Centres 
  • Large Corporations – Health and Wellness Centres
  • Private Health Clubs
  • Small Business Ownership
  • Municipal Recreation Centres
  • Amateur and Professional Sports Teams - Health and Wellness
  • Emergency Services
  • Fitness Training

Opportunities for grads

  • Students will have the opportunity to challenge for the following certifications:
    • Canfitpro – Personal Training Specialist*
    • CPTN – Certified Personal Trainers Network*
    • CSEP -  Certified Personal Trainer
    • NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer*
    • ACE – Personal Trainer Certification

*Complete this at a reduced cost

Educational Pathways


Pathways to Mohawk 

If you've successfully taken a course at another post-secondary institution, you may be able to earn course exemptions toward your credential here at Mohawk.

Pathways within Mohawk

If you have successfully completed one of the following programs at Mohawk, you may be eligible to receive transfer credit in this program. *

We offer a diverse range of programs to further your studies within Mohawk following completion of this program. * 

This Pathways map shows how the identified program can lead to future program choices within Mohawk.

Pathways beyond Mohawk

Earn a degree:

See for additional opportunities at other colleges or universities in Ontario.

Search the Mohawk Transfer Database for opportunities outside of Ontario.

Additional Information

Industry Certification Options

Mohawk College Health, Wellness and Fitness is pleased to offer unique industry certification options to our students and recent graduates.

Health Wellness Fitness Certification Options 2019 – 2020

Personal Training Specialist


Personal Training Specialist

Mohawk shall:

- Verify student as registered in the program or recent graduate of program (within one year of graduation date)

- Verify student has a GPA of 75% or higher for SM01-03 in the following courses (or course equivalents):

  • Anatomy - HLTH 10078
  • Biomechanic - HLTH 10142
  • Consultation and Behaviour Change - HLTH 10082
  • Energy Systems Assessments - HLTH 10210
  • Energy Systems Exercise Prescription - HLTH 10205
  • Exercise Physiology - HLTH 10077
  • Exercise Techniques - HLTH 10149
  • Flexibility - HLTH 10085
  • Group Fitness - HLTH 10151
  • Musculoskeletal Assessments - HLTH 10209
  • Nutrition - HLTH 10086
  • Resistance Training Prescription - HLTH 10204

Affiliation shall:

  • Validate student status and GPA
  • Collect CPR (minimum of Level A) from applicant

Theory or practical: 

Practical only

Completion time: 

End of Semester 3


Option A: > 75% GPA Fee: $156.31 + tax Includes: Practical Exam, Course eManual, and 1-Year Professional Membership

Option B: <75% GPA Fee: $156.31 + tax Includes: Practical Exam, Course eManual, and 1-Year Professional Membership Theory exam required: Call for pricing

Fee includes:

  • Accreditation fee
  • New student membership fee
  • Practical exam fee




Mohawk shall:

- Verify student as registered in the program or recent graduate of program (within one year of graduation date)

- Verify student has a GPA of 75% or higher for SM01-03 in the following courses (or course equivalents):

  • Anatomy - HLTH 10078
  • Biomechanics - HLTH 10142
  • Consultation and Behaviour Change - HLTH 10082
  • Energy Systems Assessments - HLTH 10210
  • Energy Systems Exercise Prescription - HLTH 10205
  • Exercise Physiology - HLTH 10077
  • Exercise Techniques - HLTH 10149
  • Flexibility - HLTH 10085
  • Group Fitness - HLTH 10151
  • Musculoskeletal Assessments - HLTH 10209
  • Nutrition - HLTH 10086
  • Resistance Training Prescription - HLTH 10204

Affiliation shall:

  • Validate student status and GPA
  • Provide a log sheet to the student to track practice hours
  • Collect a log of 20 practice personal training hours from the student
  • Verify current First Aid and CPR status of student

Theory or practical: 

Theory (depending on GPA) and practical

Completion time:

End of Semester 3


Option A: >75% GPA in SM01-03 Log of hours: required Practical Exam fee: $141.25 Theory Exam fee: waived Manual (optional): $45.00

Option B: <75% in SM01-03 Log of hours: required Practical exam fee: $141.25 Theory exam fee: $43.75 Manual (optional): $45.00

Option C (available after graduation): >75% CPA in program and proof of diploma

  • Log of hours: waived
  • Practical exam fee: $141.25
  • Theory exam fee: waived
  • Manual (optional): $45.00

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) 


Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Mohawk shall:

Provide students with discount code

Affiliation shall:

Ensure the following:

  • Candidate must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have current CPR/AED certification

Theory or practical: 

Theory only

Completion time:

Any time


$50 discount on exam fee by using discount code: ERPMC21 (valid until March 31, 2024)


Wellness Expo

  • The Wellness Expo is proudly presented by the Health, Wellness and Fitness students at Mohawk College and is free of charge for all students, staff, alumni and community members.
  • Third-semester students spend an entire semester learning about Wellness management strategies and how they can be utilized to improve overall Wellness. The result? Over 40 unique and interactive booths with valuable information on a variety of topics such as healthy eating, mental health, exercise and managing stress.
  • This evening gives students an opportunity to share their knowledge with the community, while also practicing their professionalism and presentation skills. 
  • Students who have participated in the Wellness Expo have found it a challenging yet rewarding learning experience.

Fit to Pitch

Mohawk College is proud to offer one of the most cutting edge Health, Wellness and Fitness Diplomas in the country. In the final semester, students will be guided through a project that is culminating in a Pitch Night (think "Dragon's Den"). Our innovative and entrepreneurial students develop their business plans and start-up ideas. These businesses are real or hypothetical. For this competition, the top teams will pitch their newly proposed Health, Wellness or Fitness companies to invited industry guests.

Fit to Pitch is also a significant networking event that features roundtable discussions with industry guests and students. This was without a doubt, the highlight of the evening for most students last year.

The student feedback was overwhelming – the opportunity to meet with and learn from the best of the best was one of the highlights of their college career.

Program Coordinator


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Program Coordinator

Canadian Domestic Students

Fennell Campus (FF)
Sep 2024
Jan 2025

International Students

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I started to study medicine at university. I successfully graduated and realized that prevention is more important than treatment. The Health, Wellness, and Fitness program at Mohawk College made my knowledge more comprehensive and integrated into the health field. I am very thankful to Mohawk College for helping me, giving me the opportunities to practice, and more.

Candace Gagne

“I can honestly say this program has made me a better person. It has helped me discover more about myself. The instructors are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They give you every opportunity to participate both in and out of the classroom going above and beyond to help you succeed. The atmosphere is welcoming but competitive which encourages you to do your best. And the connections I have made while in this course have cultivated a supportive and inclusive community that I am honoured to be a part of. My dream career is well on it's way because of my decision to go back to school.  If I had the chance to do it over, I would definitely be right back in Health, Wellness and Fitness at Mohawk College.”

Candace G. '17

John R. Stankov

“It is my distinct privilege to share with you my perspective on how necessary it is to offer the people you meet a higher quality of life! As a golf professional, I often have a daunting task to help my clients become "Tournament Stars" in a few short lessons. As a Qualified Exercise Professional, I am now competent to produce agreeable outcomes for my students much faster than before. The Brilliant Professors, Inspirational Coaches and my Dedicated Peers in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Program have helped me to develop the skills to make my clients enjoy a Superior Game of Golf. In my 30+ years of teaching golf, stress and self-doubt are the most substantial psychological enemies the golfer encounters. I now start my lessons with a 5-minute dynamic warm-up, functional movement screens to assess their range of motion, balance, and agility along with a prescribed personal training program. The results are, my clients trust me faster because they feel better! “

John R. S. '18

Justin Robinson

“My time in the Health, Wellness and Fitness program transformed me from athlete to trainer. Courses with Mohawk prepared me to comfortably and confidently lead group exercise classes, to discuss wellness-focused dietary changes, to prepare and execute a small business plan and to understand the value of fitness during the aging process. My experience at Mohawk also prepared me for a work-style placement opportunity at a local non-profit organization. This organization offered me a position on their team after graduation.”

Justin R. '16

Dan Garner

“As a young adult, I was incredibly passionate about health and fitness but lacked the necessary knowledge and direction that I needed in order to create a successful career in this industry. Completing the comprehensive curriculum design and asking for help when needed from the professors; I found myself starting my first position in the industry as a personal trainer already one of the stand-outs at the gym in terms of the depth of knowledge I was bringing towards my clients program design. This knowledge allowed me to build a reputation quickly as a high-level coach and provided me the foundation I needed to become the professional that I am today. Those of you who are thinking about getting into this industry and creating a real career out of it, I can fearlessly recommend that you jump on board with the Health, Wellness, and Fitness program at Mohawk College”

Dan G. '14

Joseph Cacoilo

“Mohawk College gave me the skills to succeed while furthering my education. Over the courses of the Health, Wellness and Fitness program I was introduced to the theory behind the anatomical and physiological adaptations to exercise. I was also taught how to practically program and implement exercise to achieve these desired adaptations through the lab component of the curriculum. This theoretical and practical knowledge gave me the foundation needed when continuing my education at the university level. For both my classroom and lab learning, I find the knowledge that I obtained from Mohawk College being invaluable, often giving me the background information needed to quickly understand the course material. Mohawk College was truly a great stepping stone in my academic career.”

Joseph C. '17

Ryan Gagnon

“To date I already have a rather extensive academic background, two diplomas, an undergraduate degree, and now I’m working on a Master’s degree. Mohawk was not my first choice, but I could not imagine myself having gone anywhere else now. Mohawk has been instrumental in creating who I am, the faculty are such incredible, caring people. I’ve watched them over the years from when I attended in the 2nd enrollment ever until now create an amazing program. I frequently say if I ever owned a gym/clinic/etc. that probably 8 or 9 times out of 10 I would hire a college grad over a university grad, strictly based on the experience I had at Mohawk. The practical, hands-on knowledge you gain from industry professionals are skills I still use every single day in and out of my work experiences .”

Ryan G. '14

Paul Swarbrick

“My experience in Mohawk’s Health Wellness and Fitness program was exceptional. I met a lot of new and amazing people that helped me shape my vision for the future into a reality. Since then, I've found reputable and engaging work in both the fitness and recreation service sectors, which has encouraged the pursuit of part-time graduate studies in the area of Community Health. I never could have predicted my career heading in this direction, but I always knew I wanted to help others, and do so in a professional and impactful manner. The faculty at Mohawk set me up with the skills and opportunities to succeed at exactly that.”

Paul S. '17

Default image

“The Health, Wellness and Fitness Program at Mohawk College helped shape my career in many ways. First, it pointed me in the direction of my true passion of helping people feel their best through natural interventions.
Second, it provided me with a wealth of knowledge and a strong foundation to move forward in the world of wellness. Finally, it has given me a wonderful network of like-minded professionals to reach out to, collaborate with and ask for guidance from when I am in need.
This program not only provides an exceptional education but also cultivates community among young professionals.”

Anna E. '16