College Certificate or Diploma

two students preparing a pipe for welding

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A Certificate or Diploma can help you develop the skills to enter the workforce.

How it works

  • Research and apply to a certificate or diploma program through
  • Complete a college credential to gain specific trade or industry-related training and experience.
  • Some college programs will offer co-op or placement opportunities to provide on-the-job experience.

Trained apprentice from outside of Ontario?

If you are an experience tradesperson and have completed your apprenticeship training outside of Ontario see the Ontario College of Trades Equivalency Assessment & Credential Recognition for more information.


  • Gain industry-recognized skills and experience while completing a college program
  • Be marketable to employers with a completed college credential
  • Prepare for future apprenticeship training

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If you are an international student see Applying to Mohawk as an International Student.

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