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Information regarding Awards as well as the Mo'Money Financial Literacy Centre can be found on our website.

Be sure to check out the Financial Assistance FAQs before submitting your request to see the most frequently asked questions about OSAP.

Your Mohawk e-mail address uses your first and last name and may include numbers or dashes. Please do not use your single sign-on 9-digit MohawkID as an e-mail address.
If you do not have a Mohawk College Student ID please enter 000000000 (9 zeros)
If you have applied for OSAP – email address included on your OSAP application.
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Your Fee Statement will always be sent to your Mohawk email account.  It is important that you confirm that your student account does not have a balance owing or a hold so that you can register. All students entering a new academic year are required to pay a $250 deposit - OSAP does not pay this deposit.  Your tuition fees are either due when you select your timetable to register, deferred through OSAP, or paid through a third-party sponsorship agreement on file with Accounting. This must be completed before you can select your upcoming semester timetable.  

Log into your MyMohawk student account then select Finances>My Statements to view your account details through your Account Summary.  View the Payment Options webpage recommend referring to the Registration and Fee guide instead and My Fee Statement Frequently Asked Questions to learn more!

How to scan a document to create a PDF file

You must scan each of your required documents separately.

To maintain the best possible document quality, use the following settings (or equivalent) during the scanning process:

• Scan your document as a black and white document, even if the document is in colour.
• Select a text style option rather than a photo or picture option.
• If you have a “dpi” (dots per inch) option, set it to 150 or 200. Otherwise, use the smallest size option to create the file.

Make sure your scanned document is clear and easy to read before saving it as a PDF (.pdf) file format.

Steps to upload a document

Step 1: Scan the required document corresponding to the upload link and create a PDF file.

Step 2: Click on the Upload button corresponding to that document.

Step 3: Locate your pdf file using the “browse” button.

Step 4: Select the file and click on “open”.

You will get a message confirming if your document was accepted for upload purposes.

Repeat the process for each required document.

• You can only upload a file that is a PDF format.
• You cannot upload a file that is password protected.
• PDF file should not be larger than 2MB.

The exception is declaration and signature pages, which can be up to 5MB.

Declaration and signature pages

• You must upload all 4 pages of the declarations, including pages 1 and 2 that are not signed.

• Use dark blue or black ink when signing the pages.

• Scan each type of declaration page separately. For instance, the 4 pages of your signature pages will be a separate file than the declaration and signature pages
of your parent(s).

• Each declaration and signature pages file must include all 4 pages.

Pay your non-refundable $250.00 deposit.  Your fee statement will be sent to your MyMohawk email (only) and please note this deposit is NOT covered by OSAP - you must have applied for OSAP and paid your deposit in order to select your timetable with an OSAP deferral.

Tuition Payment

To register and select your timetable, you must complete your tuition payment. To satisfy this requirement, there are payment options available to you. Information on your fees can be found in the Registration and Fee Guide and your Fee Statement sent to your Mohawk email (only).

For individuals wishing to come to campus (starting in January 2022) to make payment, an appointment is not required (solely for payment options).  Note that we do not accept cash.  If you are planning to visit in person, review our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Visiting Campus procedures for steps on entering campus.


Preparing for Timetable Selection

When your registration date and time arrive, log into your MyMohawk account and select the Registration tab in order to register and select your timetable. Check out our helpful how to select your timetable video to get started. You can view your selected timetable in MyMohawk. Make sure to check your schedule before classes start as changes to timetables are sometimes necessary. For step-by-step instructions on understanding your timetable check out how to read your timetable.


How to Register and select your timetable in MyMohawk 

  1. To begin, log into your MyMohawk account.
  2. Using the column on the left-hand side, and click on the Registration tab. 
  3. Click on “Choose or change my timetable” under the Winter 2022 heading.
  4. Your program confirmation screen will show here. Click on your program number to continue.
  5. This next screen shows your personal information. Please confirm that your name, program, and semester are correct before clicking on continue at the bottom of the page.
  6. This takes you to the block registration screen. A block is a pre-determined schedule that contains the courses a student is expected to take during the semester. Each block is a different schedule.
    Note: If all the blocks have a message stating “Block is full!”, please email Ask or call 1-844-767-6871 for assistance.
  7. To see a schedule, click on the radio button beside the word “block”. A draft timetable will appear in pink beside the selected block.
  8. To see the other block options, simply click on a different radio button and a new timetable will appear.
  9. Once you have chosen your preferred timetable, scroll to the bottom of your registration screen.
  10. If this is your first semester, you may have a Communication course to select as well. Once selected, click on the “Refresh Timetable” button and your Communication course will now appear in your draft timetable.
  11. If you decide you want to drop a course from your timetable, you may do so by unchecking the box beside the course you want to drop, and clicking the “Refresh Timetable” button. This now shows the course is no longer on your timetable.
  12. To add a course, check the box beside it and click the “Refresh Timetable” button.
  13. During the Add Period, students are able to see and register in special authorized courses or missed/failed courses. You can find the Add/Drop period dates through the Mohawk College website under Current Students, Academic Dates, or through your MyMohawk account under the Academics tab, and by clicking on Academic dates.
  14. When you are ready to finalize your course selection, click on the “Submit to Register” button at the bottom of the page.

Awards Processing

  • You will receive an email confirmation of your application submission.
  • Reviews for awards will begin after the application closes and will continue throughout the semester.
  • Check your Mohawk College email frequently as you may be contacted to provide additional supporting documentation to assist us during reviews. These requests will have a deadline indicated in the email. If you miss that deadline you will be eliminated from further reviews.
  • All applicants will receive an email from Awards regarding the outcome of their review that will indicate they have been selected as a recipient or did not meet the criteria for awards this semester.
  • Award reviews are final and there will be no reassessments.

Receiving an Award

  • If the above requirements have been met, your award will be placed on your student account first to assist you with paying down any outstanding tuition you may have at the time of disbursement.
  • If you do not have an owing balance, your account will be automatically reviewed for a refund. You do not need to request a refund for your award.
  • Refunds are completed within 4 weeks of your award being processed to your student account.
  • To view your student account balance, go to MyMohawk, under the Finances tab, click on My Financial Statement.  A debit (positive) balance is money you owe us, a credit (negative) balance is money we owe you.

For OSAP OAN/Password Resets, please email Ask and a representative will follow up with you on the next steps within 2-3 days.

Making a change to your OSAP application

Once you submit your application, any change or corrections to your application can be completed by providing a letter, using the Change Request form identifying the item(s) your want to update. Then, complete the applicable item/section on the form.

The completed form and relevant supporting documentation (if applicable) can be uploaded to “Optional Uploads” in the Required Documents section of your OSAP application.

Continue to monitor your application for updates to your status and funding assessment.

Academic Restriction

Academic restrictions take place when there are multiple instances of academic probation on a students OSAP account. 

The length of the restriction term is as follows:

  • 1st instance = 1 year restriction
  • 2nd instance (had previous one-year restriction) = 3 year restriction
  • 3rd instance (had previous 3-year restriction) = 5 year restriction

Students are not eligible for OSAP during their restriction term. 

*If your restriction term has elapsed, please use this contact form to let us know.*


Federal and Provincial Restrictions

For more information about your Federal and/or Provincial OSAP restriction(s) and your next steps to possibly have them cleared please follow the steps below:

    • Contact the National Student Loans Service Centre (1-888-815-4514) and ask for  the Canada Student Loans Division
    • Inquire in regard to the steps required for CLEARANCE


    • Contact Ontario Shared Services (1-800-387-5604) and ask for the Collection Management Unit
    • Inquire in regard to the steps required for CLEARANCE


Overpayment Restriction

If your OSAP is restricted due to an overpayment, a repayment will be required in order to regain your OSAP eligibility. 

For information about your overpayment restriction and the amount that is required to be repaid please login to your OSAP account online.

Any time you have a change in status, it can result in a reassessment of your OSAP funding.

For example:

  • Reducing your course load
  • Withdrawing from your program/semester
  • Change in income or resources

For a full and comprehensive explanation of what the impacts are to withdrawing, please visit


You may need to start paying back your OSAP loan six months after your study period ends.

For more information on who to contact, where to make the payment and how much you owe, visit

More information can be found here:

Students can contact their Student Success Advisor to get advice and support with:

  • Initial advice on course selection; changing programs; withdrawals
  • Referrals to Program Coordinator for program-specific advising
  • Information about Academic Status, program pathways, transfers
  • Create Academic Improvement and Success Plans

Contact a Student Success Advisor

If your Social Insurance Number (SIN) has changed from a temporary to a permanent SIN you will need to create an entirely new OSAP account using your new SIN. As each OSAP file is tied directly to the SIN we cannot change the SIN number on your current account therefore a new OSAP account should be created with your new SIN.

Please ensure you keep the login information to your current account that has your previous SIN as this may be needed in the future.

Once you complete you’re new OSAP registration using your updated SIN you will be required to upload proof of your old and new SIN. Once these have been uploaded please let me know as I will need to notify the ministry directly of your SIN change.

If you plan on enrolling in future studies please ensure you submit a new OSAP application using your new OSAP account.

Are you trying to ask about the status of your OSAP application, issues with selecting your timetable, confirming your enrollment or just curious about what documents to submit? 

If you are, chances are the answers to your questions can be found above.  Most general inquiry answers can be found by reading this information, and if you’ve found the answers to your questions here, great!  We’ll consider your question resolved and won’t follow up with you on this one.  If not, we’ll review your question and will send you an email response shortly.

The Ministry assesses your funding based on current Ministry policies/guidelines for funding eligibility (varies from year to year), along with the information provided on your application. This includes but is not limited to, program type (1yr, 2yr, post-grad), student status (dependent vs single independent), income (student, parent, spouse) living situation (living at home vs lease or rent), delivery method of the program (in-class vs online distance education/correspondence), tuition costs, expected financial contribution, etc. 

This funding assessment can include a combination of grants and/or loans, however, there is no guarantee of both.  

If you wish to consider a review your OSAP assessment, you may start by reviewing the details you have entered into your application. This can be done by logging into your OSAP application, going on the status of the application page, and clicking on “View a summary of your application” available in the “Application Form” section of the “What’s Done” list. If there are any errors in what you have reported, You can use the Change Form provided and upload it to the Optional uploads link in the Required document section of your application for review.

If there are no errors, your next option would be to review the OSAP Appeal forms available to determine if your situation falls within an allowable review. The 2021-2022 appeal forms can be found on your MyMohawk account - Finances tab - OSAP Information box - OSAP Appeals and Forms link

Be aware that the review of submitted appeals for Winter 2022 will begin in February 2022. The deadline date for submission of appeals and any supporting documents is 40 days before the end of your study period. To submit an appeal form and supporting documents, you may do so by clicking on “Go to optional uploads” available in the Required Documents section of your current application.

Students can be placed on academic probation for one of the following reasons:

  • Frequent or multiple program switches
  • Dropping from a full course load to a part-time course load
  • Withdrawing from a program
  • Failure to progress in your studies
  • Repeating a program and/or taking multiple programs at the same level of study

Students on academic probation are required to submit and complete an OSAP Academic Probation form.

Academic Probation Summary

1st time: You will be placed on academic probation by the Ministry:

  • You may still apply and receive OSAP after being placed on probation
  • The probation remains in effect for all post-secondary institutions that administer OSAP

After the probationary period of one year is over, you will be required to upload a transcript updating the Ministry of your academic performance during probation upon reapplying for OSAP.

2nd time: You will be restricted from further OSAP funding for at least one year by either:

  • Sitting out for one consecutive twelve-month period or;
  • Successfully completing and self-funding your education during your period of restriction. The restriction will remain on your OSAP record and will be in effect at other educational institutions however this restriction can be cleared after the appropriate restriction period has passed.

Information on how to update your OSAP application is available on MyMohawk under the Finances tab.

This form may take a while to submit, so please only press submit once.