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2022 Tax Year T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificates

Tuition and Enrolment Certificates for the 2022 tax year will be available on MyMohawk by February 28, 2023 in accordance with CRA requirements. The 2022 tax year corresponds to courses taken between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. Certificates are issued based on date of enrolment and not date of payment. The steps to access your T2202 are answered in the How do I access my T2202? question below.

If you receive the message "Social insurance number (SIN) is invalid, provide valid SIN", please contact taxformt2202 [at] to have your T2202 amended to include your SIN if provided after your certificate was prepared. Include your full name and MohawkID (student number). Do NOT provide your SIN in any email correspondence. Refer to the step-by-step instructions below to provide your SIN if you have not done so already.

Will I be able to access my T2202 after I graduate?

Mohawk College students will retain access to MyMohawk for one year after the date of their last class. If you are graduating or withdrawing ensure you have added or confirmed your SIN is on file as soon as possible. This will ensure it is included on your T2202 when issued. You should also ensure you have downloaded any past tax year T2202 already issued to you.

If you cannot log in to MyMohawk: For support with logging in to MyMohawk refer to the Student Tech Support web page for self-service support and contact information.

If you can log in to MyMohawk: If you are eligible but encounter difficulty with accessing an available T2202, please email taxformt2202 [at] Include your full name, date of birth and MohawkID (student number) if known. Do not provide your SIN by email.

How do I access my T2202?

Your T2202 data including eligible months and claimable amounts are transmitted directly to the CRA, but you may require a copy when preparing your filing or for audit purposes if requested by the CRA. You should retain a copy of your T2202 for future reference. To access your T2202, log in to MyMohawk.

  1. Select the Finances tab
  2. Navigate to the My Statements section
  3. Select T2202 Tuition Tax Receipts (formerly T2202A)
  4. Wait for the page to load completely
  5. Select the tax year available to you from the drop down and "Printable T2202 Form (PDF)"
  6. Click Submit
  7. Save (download) or print your T2202 (PDF options will be specific to the applications you have installed on your computer)

If you need support logging in to MyMohawk please visit the IT Service Desk page for assistance.

IMPORTANT: If you receive the message "Social insurance number (SIN) is invalid, provide valid SIN" when attempting to download your T2202, please contact taxformt2202 [at] to request an amended T2202 to include your SIN.

What is a T2202 Certificate?

The T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificate is issued for income tax purposes. It is issued to all students who have paid tuition and fees for qualifying courses occurring within a tax year that are eligible for a claim on their income tax return. Not all fees paid are eligible to be claimed. For support with filing income taxes refer to the P105 Students and Income Tax publication.

All students should download and retain a copy of their T2202. Your T2202 data including eligible months and claimable amounts are transmitted directly to the CRA as of the 2019 tax year. You may require a copy when preparing your filing or for audit purposes if requested by the CRA. You do not need to submit a copy of your T2202 when filing your tax return unless it is requested by the CRA.

A T2202 is not a payment receipt or verification of enrolment. For support with payment receipts complete the Email Ask form. 

Am I eligible to receive a T2202 certificate?

T2202 certificates are issued to students who have paid $100.00 or more in eligible fees for post-secondary level courses beginning and ending in a tax year for which certificates are being issued. A tax year is January 1 to December 31. Eligible amounts are not based on date of payment or academic year. A T2202 is issued even if your fees were ultimately covered by a third party sponsor or organization. Refer to your sponsoring person or agency for a determination on who is eligible to claim the amounts.

Note: Effective as of the 2019 tax year the CRA has replaced the T2202A form with the T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificate. Certificates for previous years will still be issued as T2202A. For more information visit: Mohawk: T2202 SIN Collection FAQ.

What if I am an international student?

Support for international students can be found in resources available through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Are you an international student studying in Canada?
Taxes for International students studying in Canada
P105 – Students and income tax

You can also contact International Student Services for additional resources that may be available to international students at Mohawk College. Complete the Email International Student Services form for assistance.

When can I access my T2202 certificate?

T2202 certificates for the previous calendar year are available by February 28 of the current year on MyMohawk. For example, T2202 certificates for the 2022 tax year will be available by February 28, 2023. Updates on the availability will be posted at the top of this page.

Why doesn't my T2202 certificate match the amount I paid for my program or course(s)?

The eligible tuition fees are based on the calendar year the course was taken and not the year the fees were paid. Students (including collaborative BScN and RPN to BScN) who pay amounts in one calendar year toward actual course enrolment in a subsequent calendar year, will have eligible amounts reflected on a T2202 for the next tax year. For example, amounts paid on or before December 31, 2021 toward enrolment as of January 1, 2022 will be reflected on a T2202 for the 2022 tax year issued in February, 2023.

The total amount of tuition fees paid may not necessarily correspond to your T2202 because not all fees included in the tuition fee are tax deductible (eligible to be claimed on the T2202).

Fees that are not eligible include: Student Association fee, medical care; transportation and parking, meals and lodging, goods of lasting value that you will keep, such as a computer, microscope, uniform or an academic gown, initiation or entrance fees to a professional organization or cost of books (other than books that are included in the total fees for a correspondence course). OntarioLearn fees for CE programs are not eligible to be claimed. Refer to the P105 Students and Income Tax guide published by the CRA to review the requirements for T2202 Certificates.

If you have further questions about the amounts or months displayed on your certificate as issued by Mohawk College, please contact taxformt2202 [at] Provide your name and MohawkID in your e-mail. Do NOT provide your SIN in any correspondence.

Why doesn't my T2202 certificate reflect my Co-op enrolment?

Co-op semesters (work terms) do not count towards eligible amounts or months of attendance that can be claimed as you are not in school on an academic term. Your status may different for OSAP or other purposes. Refer to your Co-op Specialist or Financial Assistance for support with your co-op and how it may impact any financial assistance you are eligible for.

What if the address on my T2202 does not match my current mailing address?

You may submit the T2202 as received even if the address is incorrect or not current. Note that it is not necessary for students to submit the T2202 form with the tax return, but they must produce it if requested by the CRA. If you need to change your mailing address with Mohawk College please refer to the Name or Address Change web page for next steps. 

If you have questions about your address or other personal information as it is displayed on your tax certificate as issued by Mohawk College, please contact taxformt2202 [at] Provide your name and MohawkID in your e-mail. Do NOT provide your SIN in any correspondence.

What if the name on my T2202 does not match my current or legal name?

Please refer to the Name or Address Change web page for next steps to update the name on your student account. Do not email request for name changes to taxformt2202 [at] Once a name change has been completed you may follow up to taxformt2202 [at] if you need an amended T2202.

What Does Column B and C mean?

In addition to claiming tuition and ancillary fees, you are also eligible to claim an education amount for each month of full-time study or part-time study.

A full-time month equals at least 12 contact hours per week times three (3) consecutive weeks. A part-time month equals at least 3 consecutive weeks and involves a minimum of 12 hours of instruction each month.

What if I was taking Continuing Education (CE) courses or more than one program during the tax year?

The T2202 for student taking CE courses will reflect a program of "Undeclared". CE students may be working toward a complete program but this is not reflected on the T2202 while in progress. If you were enrolled in more than one full-time program, all eligible months and amounts will be reflected, but the T2202 will only indicate your most recent program for the tax year, even if you withdrew from that program. This does not affect your filing with the CRA.

How do I access my T4A?

A T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income will be issued if you received any eligible awards, scholarships, or bursaries for the tax year. Follow the steps below or use the Email Ask form for assistance with retrieving your T4A.

  1. Select the Finances tab
  2. Navigate to the My Statement section
  3. Select T4A
  4. Follow the prompts

How do I access my T4?

A T4 is issued if you were employed by Mohawk College during the tax year. T4 are issued by Payroll. Contact Payroll Services using the Ask Payroll form for support with accessing your T4.

Additional Help

Some questions may also be answered by referring to the Mohawk College T2202 SIN Collection FAQ. If you have other questions about your tax certificate amounts, eligibility, or personal information as it appears on your certificate issued by Mohawk College, contact taxformt2202 [at] Please include your name and MohawkID in your e-mail. Do NOT provide your SIN in any correspondence.