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I’m Ready to Know offers low-barrier options for HIV self-testing and connections to care.

I’m Ready to Know is a national project that is implementing, scaling-up and evaluating low-barrier options for access to HIV self-testing. The goal is to reach the undiagnosed and give people a choice about how to connect to the care they need.

The Health & Wellness Centre is proud to be a pickup location partner for the I’m Ready research program.  Order your kit to the Mohawk Health & Wellness Centre for pick up Monday - Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  

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For more information visit the Ready to Know website.

Testing Support

Support from peer navigators before, during or after you self-test for HIV is available through the I’m Ready, Talk app. Peer navigators can help answer your questions about the I’m Ready research program, guide you to information about HIV self-testing and provide live, virtual support while you test. They can also point you to services and information for HIV care and prevention.

Peer navigators are a diverse and dedicated team from different regions in Canada who are committed to increasing access to HIV testing, care and prevention. They aim to provide support that is culturally safer, anti-racist, affirming of sexual orientations and gender identities, sex-positive, respectful and judgement free. Each peer navigators brings their own lived experience to the table and has been trained specifically for this program to guide you to the right information on HIV care and prevention for where you’re at.

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