Bomb Threat Procedure

Policy number: ERP808


Bomb threats can be received by telephone, note, letter or email. Most bomb threats are made by persons who want to create an atmosphere of general anxiety and panic. All such threats must be taken seriously.

On this page:

  1. Purpose
  2. Procedure
  3. Response Procedure
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1. Purpose

As part of the Emergency Response Policy Framework, the following procedures are developed to provide general direction to the Mohawk College Community on how to respond during a bomb threat towards the College. These procedures are formed in order to prevent injury, loss of life and to mitigate damage.

These procedures are a resource tool and provide general principles and guidance as each incident will be unique and unpredictable in nature.


2. Procedure

Written Threat (Electronic or Hardcopy)

It is vital that a document containing a bomb threat be handled by as few people as necessary in order to preserve evidence for the police investigation.

  1. After the document has been opened and read, and a determination is made to call Security or the Police.
  2. Do not share or forward the document unless requested by security/police.
  3. If a hard copy, stop handling.

Telephone Threat

In the event that a threat is received by phone;

  1. Stay calm;
  2. Listen carefully;
  3. Try to obtain as much information as possible from the caller
  4. Keep the caller on the line as long as possible;
  5. Note the call display information;
  6. Take detailed notes, noting the following:
    • if the speaker sounds male or female
    • if the speaker has a distinctive accent
    • if the voice is disguised, muffled or strange-sounding
    • if the voice is shrill or deep
    • approximate age of speaker
    • any background noises (e.g. traffic, bus passing, bell ringing, fax or printer sounds)
    • any indoor vs. outdoor sounds
  7. If possible ask the following
    • Where is the bomb? What does it look like?
    • When will it explode?
    • Why did you plant the bomb?
    • What is your name? Do you represent a group?
  8. At the end of the call, notify Mohawk Security Services immediately;
    • Dial 55 from college phone
    • 905-575-2003
    • 905-574-5111
  9. If the threat is on your voice mail, do not erase or forward it. Notify Mohawk Security Services immediately; and
  10. Complete the check list – Appendix A (PDF)


3. Response Procedure

Security Services will investigate the incident and respond utilizing Mohawk Security Services Operational Procedures which may include the following;

  1. Contact Police Services;
  2. Active the Emergency Operations Control Group; and/or
  3. Evacuate and Close the College



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