Campus Master Plan

New Campus Master Plan to help guide growth for next 20-30 years

In 2018, Mohawk College launched a Campus Master Plan process to develop a framework to help guide renewal and growth at the college’s three main campuses for the next 20 years.

The process included broad and extensive engagement with a range of stakeholders, including students, staff, faculty, the Board of Governors, partners and community members. Through surveys, campus pop-ups and public consultations, more than 1,500 people contributed to the plan.

Developed as a guide, rather than a set of rules, the plan provides direction and identifies potential areas for future growth, including: 

  • Potential campus expansion locations;
  • Potential buildings to be replaced;
  • Gateways and entrances into the campus;
  • Building structure and organization;
  • Circulation and wayfinding;
  • Relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces;
  • Formal and informal open spaces; and
  • Servicing facilities on the campus.

Rooted in the college’s Strategic Plan and Strategic Mandate Agreement, the plan also considers policies and plans developed by the City of Hamilton, including the Official Plan Urban Structure Map, the BLAST Transportation Plan, the Complete-Liveable-Better (CLB) Streets Policy and Framework, and the Cycling Master Plan.

Internally, the process was led by a Steering Committee, with daily oversight by a Campus Master Plan Working Group. DIALOG, an integrated design firm, with space programming support from Educational Consulting Services (ECS) and transportation planning from WSP, assisted the College with the development of the plan. 

View Mohawk College's Campus Master Plan Report in full, (PDF)

View Fennell Campus Master Plan, PDF (PDF, 9.4mb)

View Stoney Creek Campus Master Plan (PDF, 10.4mb)

View IAHS Campus Master Plan, (PDF, 4.8mb)